“The Perpetual Profession shows the love God has for me”

Denver, 03/26/15 (Sodalit News – US). On March 19th, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Adam Ureneck became the first American Sodalit to make his commitments of full apostolic availability at Holy Name Parish in Denver, Colorado.


In an emotional ceremony, about 350 people from Rome, Argentina, Peru, Canada and several US states attended the Perpetual Profession (PP) of Adam Ureneck, the first American Sodalit to make his commitments of full apostolic availability.

Family, friends and various members of the Sodalit Family – coming from the Marian Community of Reconciliation and Christian Life Movement – accompanied the historic moment in the life of Adam Ureneck, in his journey of Christian life as a consecrated layman. Among the members of the Sodalitium of  Christian Life,  the Superior General of the SCV, Alessandro Moroni, as present along with other members of the Superior Council, as well as those Sodalits living in the two communities that the Sodalitium has in the United States.

The celebration was presided over by Bishop Samuel Aquila, whose words were very warm and full of affection for the new perpetually professed. “My dearest son, Adam, in your own way you met Jesus Christ. You heard his call, heard the truth that He gives us and promises to us.” After the Mass, Adam Ureneck then addressed those present and encouraged them “to trust God, to put yourself in his hands. Please know that He is a loving Father who loves us very much and if we let Him, He will surprise us.”

Ureneck also shared his experience with Sodalit News. He said he was full of gratitude and joy for his calling and mission: “The experience of making my final profession was beautiful. It’s something I’ve wanted to make since my Aspirant Promise, but the act of doing it has opened a new sacredness for my vocation and the extent of my ‘yes’ to the Lord. The profession shows the love God has for me, as well as his patience and commitment to me.” He added that the presence of his parents filled him with a special joy. “The two most significant realities of my life came together. My parents are not Catholic, and it has sometimes been difficult to understand what I believe and live. The Mass, the presence of Bishop Aquila, and all my friends and brothers in the community have helped them to see the reason for my choice of life. It is an option for a fulfilled life.”

Adam Ureneck is the first American Sodalit to make his perpetual profession, and in April he will become the new superior of the Sodalit community in Philadelphia. Until recently, he was responsible for the spiritual guidance of “Christ in the City,” a beautiful charity project which seeks to integrally form volunteers to evangelize the homeless in the city of Denver.