An Adherent is a married person that experiences an attraction to and identifies with the Sodalit Spirituality. Adherents commit to respond to the grace of God and the vocation to holiness, building a Christian household and remaining available for the society’s apostolate. The Adherence is done through a Consecration to Mary made by the married couple.

In order to participate in the Adherence a mutual discernment and a time of formation is required. Additionally one must renew his or her commitment to live the responsibilities of Baptism, especially to participate actively in the evangelizing mission of the Church.

As the word “adherent” implies, those who become members as such do not enter the community life nor do they follow the discipline of the religious society, but rather express their affinity with the Sodalit spirituality and practices. They strive to live them in their homes while also cooperating in the apostolic mission according to their circumstances.