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13 Aug 2013

Thousands of youths hit the streets in Lima and Callao to collect smiles

Lima, 13/08/13 (Sodalit News – Perú). Thousands of volunteers made their way through the streets of Lima and Callao during the fundraising collection called “Colecta Armonizar”. The fundraiser seeks to help children with cleft lip and palate along with other congenital deformations. With red noses and wide smiles, the volunteers used their creativity while inviting the

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13 Aug 2013

The Procession of our Lady of Reconciliation is Underway

Lima 8/12/13 (Sodalit News- Peru)  As of Tuesday, August 13th the brotherhood of Our Lady of Reconciliation will hold several event to celebrate the feast of its patron and carry her statue on a palanquin to several Sodalit parishes and the parochial school that is named after her. Every year, after months of preparation, the members of the brotherhood

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07 Aug 2013

CLM members ended WYD with a visit to Aparecida

Aparecida 07/08/13, (Noticias sodálites – Brasil). In thanksgiving for the graces received at World Youth Day the pilgrims of the Christian Life Movement visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida on July 29th. After a few intense days at World Youth Day, a number of young pilgrims of the Christian Life Movement gathered at the

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06 Aug 2013

Creativity placed at the service of the Gospel

Rio de Janeiro 08/06/13, (Sodalit News – Brazil).  In the days leading up to World Youth Day pilgrims from the Christian Life Movement (CLM) from all over world came together to share many projects which have creatively come about within the spiritual family. The Holy Spirit has given life to a variety of apostolic initiatives

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05 Aug 2013

Young people look for answers at Convivio in the Philippines

Cebú 05/08/13, (Sodalit News – Philippines).  With the theme, “Freedom: It’s your choice,” more than 300 high school students came together July 20 through the 21 at Sacred Heart-Ateneo School in Cebu. They arrived from various schools on the islands of Cebu and Bohol to participate in Convivio which took place for the second time

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28 Jul 2013

The Sodalit Family in the Vocational Fair of WYD

Rio de Janeiro 28/07/13 (Sodalit News – Brasil). The Vocational Fair is one of the important events of WYD. Members of the Sodalit Family participated helping others to know the spirituality and the adherence to Pope Francis. As is typical at World Youth Day, the Vocational Fair was held as an event that lasted several

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25 Jul 2013

A Young Sodalit Reads at a Papal Mass

Aparecida 07/25/13 (Sodalit News – Brazil). With his arrival in Brazil for World Youth Day the Holy Father wanted to visit the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida. Michell Lima, a young Sodalit who read during the prayer of the faithful at the mass talks about his experience. The mass, celebrate with over 15

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23 Jul 2013

Song, dance and prayer in the CLM meeting during WYD

Rio de Janeiro 07/23/13 (Sodalit News – Brazil). Around 1,500 people participated in the pilgrims meeting of the CLM that took place in Casa de España on Monday, June 22. During the gathering in the facilities of Casa de España, which is in the Humaitá neighborhood, members of the Sodalit Family performed dances and songs

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19 Jul 2013

Live the experience World Youth Day

Rio de Janeiro 19/07/13 (Sodalit News – Brazil). Members of the CLM from all over the world are arriving to the city of Rio de Janeiro, and they find themselves living the spirit of World Youth Day. Follow them at #ExperienciaJMJ Numerous tips, directions, manuals, indications from the welcoming teams, and a lot of joy

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