Community Life

The community life is essential to the Sodalitium’s style and mission. Love for the Lord Jesus is what unites the Sodalits as brothers in the faith in order to share the Christian life and respond to the Divine Plan of the Father’s Love in the Holy Spirit.

Living in community, Sodalits seek to live out their lives full of the spirit of fraternal communion, loving God and our brothers “as ourselves.” (Mt. 22: 39) The experience of the first Christian community in Jerusalem inspires us to be “of one heart and mind” (Acts 4:32), sharing joyfully the faith and Christian life.

It is precisely in community that we find an excellent way to live the Christian life and to bear witness to the fact that it is only Christ’s Gospel that offers a means for a fulfilled life, responding to the longing that every human being experiences for infinity, reconciliation, and peace.

In the Sodalit community life – together with the richness and diversity of each person and his gifts – there is a unity of ideals, life, prayer, heart, and service, achieved by charity and expressed in profound and authentic friendship, attentiveness, and assistance. There is also the shared desire for our own community to be always a humble and existential sign of the Church’s unity.

In the same way, the Sodalits look to continually encourage one another in a fervent life of humility, prayer, reverence, joy, study, work, apostolate, and solidarity. In the community, no one loses his individuality, but rather each Sodalit unfurls himself and enriches his personal traits by practicing [AA14] charity. Deeply respectful of personal freedom, the Sodalitium, encourages the participation of all its members in the common mission, according to the gifts that each one has received from the Lord.

The Sodalit communities form part of the natural communion of the Church, and their members are unified by God’s call to complete apostolic availability. They push forward, fully united, sharing their experience of the Spirit and bearing witness to faith, hope, and charity.