Alienum phaedrum torquatos nec eu, vis detraxit periculis ex, nihil expetendis in mei. Mei an pericula euripidis, hinc partem.


We understand our sodalit formation process as a humble, active and responsible collaboration with God and the formative action of grace within which each of us must cooperate with. Sodalit training is respectful of the dignity and conscience of each person, and seeks to promote the mature and responsible exercise of freedom in a spirit of spiritual discernment.

Our formation seeks to follow a continuous and progressive pedagogical itinerary as a single path of following Christ that is carried out in two major moments: initial formation and ongoing formation. The main objective of the formative itinerary in the Sodalitium is the conformation to the Lord Jesus through Marian filial piety.

Our Formation itinerary

The stages in the formation itinerary at Sodalitium currently are:

Applicant (1 to 3 years)

Initial stage for a baptized and confirmed Catholic who discovers in his life some signs of a vocation to full apostolic availability in the Sodalitium. It is a particular moment of discernment of those signs, in the company of the Sodalit community. He can be an applicant once he reaches the age of majority. By issuing this promise he is not entering to live in a Sodalit community. As the discernment progresses, the aspirant can have an experience of a few months of community life to continue maturing his discernment.

Testing (2 years)

Here the person formally enters community life and a time begins in which the emphasis is placed on interior spiritual formation through the cultivation of the relationship with God (in prayer, study and silence), with oneself and with others, deepening his baptismal identity as a son and apostle of the Father and son of Mary, in the likeness of Jesus. This stage is carried out in a training center. Generally, before starting this stage, the candidate has already completed his or her university studies.

Training (2 years)

The Sodalit continues to grow in his life of faith and prepares more explicitly for his temporary commitments of full availability by living a process of formation and apostolic maturation of the personality. It is a stage of transition towards an apostolic life of greater insertion in the world. This stage is carried out in an apostolic community with an assigned trainer.

Apostolic Consecration to Saint Mary

It is a commitment that expresses the desire to collaborate fully and in perpetuity with the apostolic mission of Saint Mary. This commitment expresses an essential feature of the Sodalit charisma and its spirit is preserved throughout life. This consecration is carried out shortly before temporary commitments.

Temporary Commitments of Full Apostolic Availability (2 to 9 years)

It is the last stage of the initial formation of the sodalit, in which the person, after applying and being admitted, issues the commitments of full apostolic availability temporarily. At this stage, efforts are made to ensure that the Sodalit, accompanied by the authorities of the community in which he lives, finds his place in the mission. It generally lasts between 4 and 5 years. At the end of this stage, the person undergoes a period of spiritual integration of all their initial training of approximately 8 months.

Perpetual Commitments of Full Apostolic Availability

The Sodalit manifests a degree of vocational maturity that allows him to issue his commitments in perpetuity and thus be linked to the community for life. Being a sodalit of perpetual commitments, the person receives a specific mission from his or her major superior. From here, the Sodalit lives ongoing formation, seeking to grow in a lifelong perception of it as a permanent apostolate.

Sodalits with Fr. Ghirlanda at the end of the closing mass of the time of integration in Rome.

Ministerial Priesthood in the Sodalitium

The Lord calls among the Sodalits some to whom they entrust the mission of serving the community and its mission from the priesthood. To be ordained a priest in the Sodalitium it is necessary to have issued the commitments of full availability in perpetuity. The more specific formation aimed at the priesthood can begin in the period of temporary commitments.

Formation center

During initial formation, the probands live in a Formation Center, in a community environment of prayer, study and fraternal sharing led by a trainer. It is an environment of free discernment in which the particular call that God makes to each one of them is deepened.

During this time, while they deepen and specify the meaning of their calling, the probands prepare themselves to be able to better serve in the apostolic mission of the Sodalitium, through spiritual and human formation. Academic formation during this time is also important; it is given through formation in the faith of the Church, philosophy, theology and deepening the vocation to full apostolic availability. They also receive training and join the community apostolate in accordance with the formative objectives of the stage in which they find themselves.

Permanent Formation

We Sodalits understand that training is not only necessary in the first years of belonging to the Sodalitium, but that it must be constant. This is ongoing training that allows you to always be available and prepared to better respond to the evangelizing mission wherever the Sodalitium needs it.

This is done through various courses, workshops, meetings and other training means, which seek to respond in a better way to our apostolic mission hand in hand with the reflections and challenges of the Church. Thus, topics are developed that help in the life and mission in the Sodalitium, such as affectivity, spiritual accompaniment, the crisis of consecrated life, discernment of spirits, charisma, prevention of abuse, among other topics.

The Ratio formationis

The Ratio formationis is a document inspired by the charisma of an institution, in which the path to follow is clearly presented to fully assimilate the spirituality of the Institute itself.

The Ratio formationis of the Sodalitium is a document that includes the formative itinerary during the various stages of our community life according to our charisma and spirituality, therefore, this document is addressed to all its members: both those in initial formation and those in formation. permanent.

At the conclusion of the V General Assembly in January 2019, it was requested that the current government, through the means it deems most appropriate, conclude and implement the Ratio formationis, for which the Ratio formationis Committee was formed in April of that same year.

Pontifical Delegate for Formation

Considering the importance of initial and ongoing formation within the life of the Sodalitium and thinking about the future of the community, the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life appointed Fr. Gianfranco Ghirlanda, SJ, Delegate for formation of the Sodalitium of Christian Life in April 2019.

Among its responsibilities are to continue the renewal of the training plan of the Sodalitium, accompany the process of elaboration of the Ratio formationis, ensure the adequate preparation of the members responsible for the initial formation, ensuring adequate spiritual accompaniment to the members in their initial training and plan activities for initial and continuing training.

To date, Cardinal Ghirlanda continues to accompany the work of the Ratio and some of the main initiatives that are promoted in initial formation. On more than one occasion he has expressed his agreement with the improvements that have been made in the community in the last two years.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, SJ, Delegate for the Formation of the Sodalitium of Christian Life