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15 Years of transformation and commitment: Solidarity on the Move in Brazil

The 15-year anniversary of Solidarity on the Move (SOMAR) in Brazil marks a significant moment in its trajectory. To commemorate this special occasion, collaborators, volunteers, beneficiaries and friends came together in an emotional Mass of thanksgiving to God on August 12th.

15 años de Solidaridad en Marcha en Brasil

SOMAR and sodalits team.

Throughout its journey, SOMAR has played a crucial role in vulnerable communities in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis and São Paulo by providing opportunities and catalyzing changes in the lives of many young people and families.

Our brother Andrés Quintanilla, director of SOMAR, shared his perspective on the meaning of these 15 years of commitment. “For us, celebrating this anniversary is an achievement, I think it is a milestone and it is being able to perceive the presence of God leading this work”.

With passion and dedication, SOMAR has worked tirelessly to address challenges and difficulties through education, according to Andrés: “Deep down we wanted to help people, then we understood that education was the way to help children and today it is a reality that we are becoming more and more professional, we are working with the horizon of providing opportunities where there is no opportunity”.

The transformation and empowerment of many people through education are the pillars that have defined SOMAR’s trajectory.

SOMAR “A channel of love”: What do these 15 years represent for collaborators?

For her part, Julianne Muniz, General Manager of SOMAR, shares her experience in these 15 years of existence: “We have witnessed many stories, many dreams achieved, many stories of improvement, many lives transformed”.

SOMAR’s journey has been guided by the unwavering support of those who shared its vision and joined its cause, as Muniz expressed: “Collaborators, donors, volunteers, everyone planted a seed so that SOMAR can grow bigger and bigger”.

For the collaborators who have been united to SOMAR’s mission during this journey, these years represent a journey full of “love, communion, solidarity, joy and opportunities”. They express the certainty that “doing good is the only way to transform the world into a better place,” and they transmit their “love of neighbor and hope for a better future”.

15 años de Solidaridad en Marcha en Brasil

Solidarity Team on the Move – Brazil.

They recognize that SOMAR has given them the opportunity to bring “hope to each child and show them that they are capable of transforming their dreams and goals into realities”. In addition, they highlight elements such as “growth, evolution and perseverance”, as a fundamental part of this journey. In their testimonies, the collaborators describe how they have experienced “transformation, a lot of learning, faith, integrity, a purpose in life, hope to live in a better world”, and how love has been the driving force that has guided all the participants in this transformative “walk”.

The transformative impact of SOMAR on the lives of young people

The most palpable achievement is reflected in the stories of young students whose dreams have become tangible achievements thanks to their work. Through support and belief in your potential, SOMAR firmly believe that good can transform many lives.

The stories of Rayanne Lima and Jonathan Pereira, who have found their way to a better future thanks to SOMAR programs, are moving examples of this transformative impact.

15 años de Solidaridad en Marcha en Brasil

Rayanne Lima (L) on the anniversary.

Rayanne Lima is one of the oldest SOMAR students who managed to get into college and she tells us that long before she believed in herself, SOMAR did: “and that made me believe that I had enough guts to get here. SOMAR is responsible for making this dream come true, since it always showed me that nothing was out of my perspective and encouraged me to have big dreams, which is how I came to study Business Administration”.

Jonathan Pereira joined SOMAR at the age of 9 years old and at the age of 19 years old, he fulfilled his dream of studying Information Technology. “SOMAR taught me many things, that we can be strong and show our neighbors how special they are in our lives. At all times, SOMAR shows us that we can achieve our goals and pursue the dreams that we want to achieve so much”, he says enthusiastically.

Currently, with more than 150 volunteers, SOMAR carries out its projects in communities of extreme social vulnerability in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis and São Paulo, providing monthly assistance to approximately 500 children, adolescents and young people. Learn more about SOMAR by visiting their website here.