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Areté Center begins virtual diploma “Psychotherapy of Reconciliation”

Next Monday, March 13th, the Areté Catholic Psychology Center begins a new specialized training for professional psychologists and psychiatrists.

Areté is a center for the integral development of the person created in 2012 in Medellin (Colombia) by our brother Humberto del Castillo. Its objective is to promote a Catholic psychology that helps people to live virtue from a reconciled and healthy existence.

The psychologist associated with the Areté Center and reconciliation psychotherapist Natalia López Ospina shares with us that Reconciliation Psychotherapy (PDR) “develops an integral and universal psychology, responding to the truth and objectivity of the human being as a free, autonomous person and with a dignity of Son of God. The psychotherapy of reconciliation is a specific invitation to personal fulfillment and to achieve happiness”.

Natalia maintained that this psychotherapy “helps the person achieve an openness to self-knowledge, acceptance of their own history, forgiveness and reconciliation”.

Through the work of psychologists and psychotherapists, this proposal has been helping many people to heal affective wounds, which are “blows or shocks to the affectivity of the person who cause: pain, suffering, depression, anxiety and panic”, according to Areté.

Reconciliation Psychotherapy looks at the person as a Bio-Psycho-Spiritual unit. Applying this principle to the graduate, Natalia López explains: “we will not only work psychologically, but we will use all the necessary resources for the person to move forward and achieve reconciliation and healing in all its dimensions”.

The Areté Center reported that the registrations for the virtual diploma “Psychotherapy of Reconciliation”. At a cost of USD 400. Interested persons can register at the number: +57 312 8865916 or by email: