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Areté Center launches a diploma on Spiritual Accompaniment

Seeking to provide better tools for spiritual advisors, priests, nuns, educators and psychologists, the Areté Psychology Center launches the virtual diploma: ‘Spiritual Accompaniment and Personal Reconciliation’ now available on its website.

Spiritual accompaniment is a privileged gift that the Church grants to its faithful, through which resources are found to advance in the Christian life and with it in the call to holiness. There are some people (priests, religious, committed laity, psychologists, among others), who offer this apostolic service, and require tools to continue guiding the accompaniment they carry out.

Aimed at religious, laity, psychotherapists and the Catholic public in general, the course will show the fundamental pillars and tools for spiritual accompaniment and the steps for the process of personal reconciliation from the model of reconciliation psychotherapy addressed by the Areté Center.

Our brother Humberto Del Castillo Drago, master’s degree in clinical psychology and General Director of Areté, affirms that the course “will offer, from Christian anthropology, guidelines and tools to provide spiritual counseling; It will teach the different stages of the personal reconciliation process and will provide psycho-spiritual tools and other psychological elements that can help in spiritual direction”.

‘Spiritual Accompaniment and Personal Reconciliation’ is directed by the clinical psychologist Mónica Caballero Andrade, co-author of the book ‘Calls to Reconciliation’, a psychologist from the Areté Center, a diploma in reconciliation psychotherapy and a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies. It will have as teachers the psychologists Paola Riveros Maldonado, Alis Bedoya Olaya and our brother, Dr. Humberto Del Castillo Drago.

Those interested in participating and want more information along with personalized advice on this new diploma can register at the following link:

The Areté Catholic Psychology Center was founded by the grace of God on January 25th, 2012. It is based on the comprehensive view of the human being that is typical of Christian anthropology. The importance of recognizing the human being, as a free person, invited to live love and encounter is clearly understood. Likewise, the person is a bio-psycho-spiritual unit and is created to be happy and fulfill his life, opening himself to personal reconciliation and virtue. More information see: