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In June: Areté offers healing and forgiveness workshops

On Saturday, June 3rd and Thursday, June 8th, the Areté Integral Person Development Center will offer two workshops, one face-to-face and the other virtual, aimed at those who seek to learn how to heal affective wounds and psycho-spiritual tools to forgive.

Our brother Humberto Del Castillo Drago, clinical psychologist and author of the book “Reconciliación de la historia personal”, emphasizes that “forgiveness is essential to achieve mental and emotional health, since, otherwise, there are many who live looking for revenge or revenge, because they are resentful and resentful, with anger and hatred”.

He also warns that many people are unaware of the affective wounds that affect them and lead them to behave dysfunctionally, depriving them of happiness.

With this background reflection, the Areté Center, aware of the importance of intervention and reconciliation in adverse situations, affective wounds and psychological traumas, offers these workshops with the aim of achieving real and comprehensive healing in the participants.

Arete’s workshops

The approach is focused on advancing in acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation with the offender, thus allowing growth in inner peace, serenity and joy.

Areté has prepared two workshops: one face-to-face entitled “How to Forgive the Unforgivable? Healing affective wounds”, which will take place on Thursday, June 8th in Bogota, Colombia, and another virtual one called “Learning to Forgive: Psycho-spiritual Tools”, scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd through the Zoom platform.

The face-to-face workshop will have the participation of Catholic clinical psychologists Humberto Del Castillo Drago and Mónica Caballero Andrade, co-authors of the book “Llamados a la reconciliación”. For registration and more information, you can contact here. And the virtual one will be dictated by the Catholic clinical psychologists Mónica Caballero Andrade and Natalia López Ospina. For details and registration, you can write here.

The Areté Center offers therapies, in person and online, based on its own therapeutic approach: Reconciliation Psychotherapy. To learn more about everything it can offer you, visit its website: