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Thank you Benedict XVI: Sodalit brothers say goodbye to the Pope emeritus in Rome

Gratitude and recollection summarizes what the brothers of our community have lived by participating closely in what the departure to the Father’s House of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has meant.

Photo by Angie Menes (Cathopic)

Photo by Angie Menes (Cathopic)

“First of all, I am grateful to God for the life of Benedict XVI and secondly, I am grateful to Benedict for his pontificate, his ministry and particularly for his great teaching, witnessed by his simplicity of life and the beauty with which he knew transmit the deepest truths of the faith”.

These are the words that spring from the heart of our brother Alberto Posada, who, together with tens of thousands of faithful, was able to pray before the body of the emeritus pope while he was on display in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Photo by Alberto Posada.

Photo by Alberto Posada.

Simplicity and beauty in the life and work of Benedict XVI is what for many has been the light that he has guided and accompanied on the path of Christian life, study, spiritual growth and apostolate.

Funeral Mass: A Collected Moment

On a particularly cold morning on Thursday, January 5th, in the midst of a climate of mourning, thousands of faithful gathered in Saint Peter’s Square to pray and bid farewell to Benedict XVI.

“It was a collected moment that ended with a feeling of consolation that accompanied us on the way back”, says our brother Benjamin Oldani, who together with Giovanni Intino, Alfredo Ferreyros, young emevecistas and friends, participated in the funeral Mass in which They highlighted the presence of a large number of families and young people.

Giovanni, Benjamin, Alfredo, emevecistas and friends.

Giovanni, Benjamin, Alfredo, emevecistas and friends.

Giovanni Intino, tells us what it meant for him to listen to the second reading, taken from the first letter of the Apostle Saint Peter: it reminded me of “the trials we are called to endure, guarding the faith more precious than gold, with our eyes fixed on the goal of the salvation of souls”.

Finally, he wanted to share a text that he recalled, in the midst of this experience, about an interview with Benedict XVI, when he was asked about how to found our hope.

On that occasion the Pope replied: “The reason for my hope consists in the fact that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, faith in Christ, is simply the truth, and the truth does not grow old”.