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Bernardo Marulanda: “Diaconal ordination is one more step in my response to the call of the Lord”

In an intense spiritual moment accompanied by his family, Sodalits and friends, our Colombian brother Bernardo Marulanda was ordained deacon on November 30th, at the hands of Mons Héctor Vera, Bishop of Ica, in the Chapel of the Santa María de Chincha School.

During the diaconal ordination of Bernardo Marulanda

“I greet Bernardo’s family, while I thank them for the immense gift they make to the Church (…) Bernardo is beginning the priestly path, which is precious, and in that priestly path there is a first step which is the diakonia, a Greek word that tries to protect the spirit of service that priestly life always has,” said Mons. Héctor Vera.

Already ordained deacon, Bernardo shared with us: “Diacon ordination has had great meaning in my life. It is one more step in my response to the call of the Lord, a step to enter into my identity and mission. I treasure these moments because Grace manifests itself with intensity, palpating the love that God has for us.”

I have been very touched by the Bishop’s invitation to trust in the Lord, to live with intensity, spending and wearing myself out . In generous dedication and service, the priestly vocation is true and full,” Bernardo revealed. “His call to live simply, to trust in the constant presence of the Lord, also resonated deeply with me,” he said.

Deacon Bernardo shared that for this special moment he had the joy of having the close presence of his parents, sister and friends from Guayaquil and Ayaviri, key places in his Sodalit life. Also present were the family of School Saint Mary, where he currently serves, the members of the MVC Chincha, collaborators in the apostolic mission, as well as friends and members of the spiritual family of the MVC Lima and MVC Arequipa. A moving display of support on this very significant day for him.

During the diaconal ordination of Bernardo Marulanda

I am very grateful to the Lord, who does not disappoint and returns one hundredfold. I ask for prayers, because I would like to serve faithfully. I know that it is a great responsibility and requires a free and generous response that is not easy to live with. I ask for your prayers to prepare my heart for the next step, which is the priesthood, if God allows it,” he tells us.

We congratulate the new deacon on this special moment and we accompany him, with our prayers, in his future steps in the priestly vocation.