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CLM present at Corpus Christi in Petropolis: Celebrating faith in community

Last Sunday, June 4th, members of the Christian Life Movement (CLM) in Petropolis (Brazil) participated in the elaboration of the traditional carpets for the Corpus Christi procession, which was presided over by Msgr. Gregório Paixão Neto, O.S.B. Bishop of Petropolis.

Our brother, Dante Carrasco, shared with us that relatives of the young people who receive sacramental preparation in the catechesis in charge of the CLM were also involved in this event. In addition, members of Reconciliatio and Mission Brazil participated.

“Organizing and working on the preparation of the carpets for Corpus Christi is a very powerful, very spiritual experience, in which the spirituality of daily life can be lived in a particular way”, shares Dante.

On the other hand, he highlighted the community aspect of this ecclesial experience of love for Jesus in the Sacrament, as “something renewing that leads us to continue bearing witness to the Lord Eucharist in whom we believe and whom we want to follow”.

Testimonies of faith at Corpus Christi in Petropolis

Aline (center) with his family.

Aline (center) with his family.

Aline Ribeiro Clinquart, mother of one of the participants in the catechesis directed by the CLM, left us her testimony after having lived this experience: “Making the Corpus Christi carpet was and is for us a true act of dedication, devotion, love and faith, with our Heavenly Father. We love to see the mobilization and involvement of all parents and children in this sublime and important moment for all of us, children of God!”

For her part, Monique Bernardi, coordinator of the Reconciliation Project, told us: “participating in the making of the Corpus Christi rugs is always a beautiful opportunity to publicly manifest my faith, in addition to repaying the love that I receive every day for free from part of God”.

This celebration of Corpus Christi was a meeting full of faith, devotion and community union, where the carpets made by the entire Church of Petropolis became a tangible expression of love for Jesus in the Eucharist.