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Conference on reconciliation in our history and spirituality

What does it mean to live reconciliation in our charism?  It was one of the questions that prompted us to carry out the “Day of Reflection on Reconciliation in our history and spirituality” during the days of October 20th to 22nd at the ‘Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe‘ house, in Lima, Peru.  We have the presence of Fr. Massimo Serretti, who has accompanied us on various opportunities to deepen formation in the Sodalitium.

This day was organized by a group of brothers who meet periodically to reflect and deepen reconciliation, which we understand as a fundamental theme in our history and spirituality.  Some of our brothers participated in person, and many followed the main conferences virtually.

Fr. Massimo Serretti at the "Day of Reflection on Reconciliation in our history and spirituality".

Fr. Massimo Serretti at the “Day of Reflection on Reconciliation in our history and spirituality”.

Each day of the day had a main talk that guided the reflections, dialogues and prayers.  On Thursday the 20th, our brother Alfredo Garland gave the talk ‘Reconciliation in our walk.  A historical look’;  the following day, Fr. Massimo Serretti gave the talk ‘Reconciliation in Sacred Scripture’;  and on Friday the 22nd our brother Gustavo Sánchez gave the talk ‘Work proposals in order to deepen theology on reconciliation’.

Likewise, each day of the day included interventions by different brothers from our community who presented various aspects of reconciliation that helped deepen the main themes of each day.

“The meeting far exceeded my expectations”, highlights our brother Deacon Kenneth Pierce, a participant in the day, telling us that this “was a very blessed moment of dialogue and reflection.  The main talks, as well as the other interventions, were really very enriching, not only to return to touch on fundamental issues in our spirituality, but also to advance in reflection and see how it is reflected in different ways in the apostolate that we do every day”.

Our brother Gustavo Sánchez during his talk.

Our brother Gustavo Sánchez during his talk.

In the same way, our brother Alfredo Garland highlights that the day “was a special opportunity to rediscover ourselves with reconciliation, and reflect, in the light of the Spirit, on an essential matter of our Sodalit charism.  In those days of intense communion and participation, we meditate, among other things, on the fact that the Sodalitium constitutes a community of love where we are invited to cooperate with the mission of the Lord Jesus, sent by the Father to the world.  With these proposals we try, I believe, to reaffirm the intense presence of reconciliation in our charism and mission”.

Fr. Massimo Serretti is a doctor of Philosophy and Theology, professor of Dogmatic Theology at the Pontifical Lateran University and of History of Religious Thought at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino.  He also teaches Theological Anthropology at the John Paul II Higher Institute for Religious Studies in Pesaro, Italy.  He has published numerous books and articles.