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Confirmation in São Paulo: Fruit of the joint work of the MVC and the Sant’Ana parish

Last Sunday, August 27th, the community of the Sant’Ana parish, in the Diocese of Santo Amaro (São Paulo, Brazil), joyfully celebrated the Confirmation of 25 young people and 15 adults, who had prepared for eleven months for this important sacrament. The ceremony was presided over by Msgr. José Negri, Monsignor of Santo Amaro.

Mons. José Negri, Obispo de Santo Amaro

Msgr. José Negri, during his homily.

For this preparation, the community of the Sant’Ana parish and the Christian Life Movement (MVC) São Paulo joined forces to prepare the candidates, and one of the protagonists of this story is our brother Craig Kinneberg, who was in charge of the team of catechists.

After this apostolic experience, Craig shared his gratitude for taking on this work together with the parish and valued the efforts of the team of catechists who worked to guide the young people on their path of faith. Furthermore, he highlighted something that was very important to them: “transmitting not only the content of faith but also the testimony of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

In Craig’s words, “preparing young people for the Sacrament of Confirmation is always a beautiful experience, full of joy, challenges, novelties and moments to perceive the silent action of God working in the hearts of young people”.

Confirmación de 25 jóvenes y 15 adultos en la parroquia Sant'Ana, en la Diócesis de Santo Amaro (São Paulo, Brasil)

During the Confirmation Mass.

The testimony of the confirmed young people and the impact of this faith experience are evidence of the action of the Holy Spirit in the life of the community. “Seeing how, in different moments of preparation, and on the same day of Confirmation, God touched his hearts is something that gives a lot of encouragement to continue with this work”, he added.

These words highlight the importance of catechesis and Confirmation as crucial stages in the process of approaching Jesus Christ. As Pope Francis recalled in his speech at the International Congress of Catechesis in 2022, “Never forget that the purpose of catechesis, which is a privileged stage of evangelization, is to go to encounter Jesus Christ and allow Him to grow in us”.