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Convivio Guayaquil 2023: Congress for young university students and schoolchildren in Ecuador

In the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, an event takes place annually that marks the hearts of many young people. Convivio, organized by the Christian Life Movement, is presented in two editions: one for university students and the other for schoolchildren. Both share the mission of strengthening the bond with God and fostering meaningful connections with other young people. Discover how these conferences have transformed the lives of many this year.

P. Luis Troya celebrando la Eucaristía para todos los participantes de Convivio Guayaquil 2023 en un auditorio.

Convivio Mass 2023

What is Convivio Guayaquil?

  • Convivio is a conference for students that seeks to awaken the reflection and commitment of young people to current reality.
  • This objective is developed over a weekend through talks, panels, reflection groups, games, dialogues and spaces for prayer.

First gathering for university students

On August 26th and 27th, Convivio brought together young university students in a Congress titled “Looked at with Love. And how do you look?” and its first edition was carried out at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Católica Santiago de Guayaquil.

Grupo de participantes del primer Convivio de Universitarios en Guayaquil, Ecuador.

University Convivio Participants.

Commenting on the motto of this Congress, Juan Daniel Muñoz, general manager of Convivio, shared: “This year as a movement we have renewed ourselves in this look of love, the love look of Christ that saves us, is unconditional, heals us and is merciful”.

“It was very nice to see on the faces of each of the animators, members of the team, the desire to transmit that message of hope that the Gospel brings”, added Juan Daniel.

Pierina Mora, a participant, shared her experience, emphasizing that Convivio was an opportunity to meet Jesus again and feel his transforming gaze. “The gaze of Jesus is one that transforms you, purifies you, forgives you, embraces you and always receives you with love”. She also highlighted how Convivio allowed her to see Jesus in each person and learn from them, taking that experience to her heart.

The event made clear that Christ’s gaze of love is always present to heal and transform hearts, and Pierina invited everyone to respond to the call of Jesus and contemplate the beauty of His face in each person around them.

Convivio helped schoolchildren discover who the Lord is for them

This Convivio, which took place on October 21st and 22nd at the Logos Academy in Guayaquil, brought together about 150 adolescents from the last three years of school. The motto “Who do you say I am?” It served as a starting point to deepen the relationship with Christ and one’s own identity.

Colegiales durante un espacio de animación de CONVIVIO Guayaquil 2023

During a moment of animation.

David Álvarez, in charge of Apostolate of Convivio, shared his experience, describing the event as an intense space dedicated to the youth apostolate. “Although the fatigue is great, seeing that the participants were able to have an encounter with Christ in the Eucharist or in Confession is something that truly rejoices the heart”.

Convivio 2023 brought with it a diverse range of activities that kept schoolchildren engaged and excited throughout the event. From moving talks full of personal testimonies, to dynamics and games that encouraged interaction and joint reflection, each moment was designed to deepen the experience. On Saturday night, the Blessed Sacrament provided a space for intense prayer, while an exciting concert closed the event with an atmosphere full of joy and celebration.

Finally, Juan Daniel Muñoz said: “We hope that this year Convivio continues to bear fruit of love and encounter with the Lord Jesus”.

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