Convivio Piura: Training to follow Jesus!

Piura, 09/1/13 (Sodalit News – Peru). The third edition of Convivio, a congress for Catholic students, was held this year from August 23rd – 25th in Piura, Peru. It took place in the local Montessori School.


The theme of the conference this year was, “For me, life is Christ.” This central concept was explained and presented by several talks, group dialogues, and many strong moments of prayer. The students that attended, whom are either in their last years of high school, or in their first years of college, reflected on the reality of the world today, on their identity, and most importantly, on how the Lord Jesus is the answer to the restlessness of their hearts.

“In Convivio I reflected on and enjoyed everything a lot, and I also learned that we should be humble and simple-hearted like Jesus is,” stated Cristobal Laban Pacherre who was one of the participants of the congress. He said that thanks to Convivio, he learned that, “in order to be a true Christian we have to sacrifice many things, but the most fundamental thing that we have to do…. is, ‘prayer, sacraments, and helping others,’” he explained, quoting the words of Pope Francis.

Fathyma Saavedra, who also participated, summed up her experience in Convivio with a phrase: “Let’s change ourselves first and then we will be able to change the world.” Along with Fathyma, Luis Garcia chipped in something she learned: “To follow Christ is for the valiant.”

Convivio, in all of its editions, has encouraged young people to put into practice what they have reflected upon with the poor and needy, and this occasion was no different. This time they participated in a solidarity visit to the Coscomba zone which is located in the outskirts of Piurac. After getting to know the children there, each youth shared a plate of food with one of them. They were over to reach over 180 kids.

Andres Palma, from the organizing team of Convivio, explained to us that what was lived was “a clearly Catholic experience,” because from the beginning to the end of the congress, “the participants had this idea.” He also underlined the fact that “we were able to do what Pope Francis called ‘training to follow Jesus’ during World Youth Day: prayer – including adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, group prayer and praying the rosary -, the sacraments – thanks to the confessions and Mass – and helping others – through the solidarity visit.”

Convivio is an annual congress of Catholic students where young people have the opportunity to get to know the Christian faith through talks, group dialogues and other activities that seek to respond to all the questions that every young person has. Presently, Convivio is organized in countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia and in Australia.