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Cristiada 2023 in Argentina: “Do you really love?”

From June 9th to 11th, the Cristiada “Amás de verdad?” was held in Pilar, in the city of Buenos Aires. Around 40 young people, between the ages of 16 and 17, gathered at this meeting organized by the Christian Life Movement (CLM).

Participants and organizers of the Cristiada 2023.

Participants and organizers of the Cristiada 2023.

La Cristiada is a special occasion for students who are beginning to explore their faith, as it gives them the opportunity to have a personal encounter with Jesus and, at the same time, come together as a community through games and sharing experiences.

The main objective of this apostolic space was to invite young people to prepare their hearts to recognize themselves as worthy of Love, capable of loving others from the image and likeness with which they were created.

During a moment of prayer in the Chapel.

During a moment of prayer in the Chapel.

During these days, the participants had the opportunity to live moments of reflection, communion and participate in activities related to a spiritual and playful theme.

In this edition, the organizers of the CLM Argentina shared that in order to create a fun competition environment, they formed teams of different colors based on the Pixar movie “Cars”.

Some participants of the Cristiada reflect

Lorenzo Pitalivo describes his experience: “It was a beautiful encounter with Jesus. We had games of different kinds. We experience moments of solitude in the desert with God, we share in groups. This experience is unique, since it allows us to connect with God at all times and have fun with the competition in the games”.

A special moment in front of the stove.

A special moment in front of the stove.

For her part, Magui Serenellini, a member of the sky-blue team, shares: “I learned that love is personalized and that love calls for love. I understood the importance of accepting my own weaknesses and that my life will be better if I build it together with God. I was fascinated with the night fire, in which God made himself present and manifested himself at all times. The fact of being all together sharing and singing was an immense gift that filled my soul”.

Finally, Magui conveys to us with joy: “La Cristiada reached my heart directly and this weekend really helped me to have another perspective on things, to face them with a different look and see everything as a loved daughter and willing to love. This really made me very happy and brought me a lot of peace”.

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