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Exhibition “Faces of Christ” in Camposanto Parque del Recuerdo

Last Sunday, September 3rd, at the Camposanto Parque del Recuerdo in Lurín (Lima), the popular art exhibition titled “Faces of Christ in Peru” was inaugurated.

exposición de arte popular titulada “Rostros de Cristo en el Perú”.

This significant artistic exhibition took place after the Sunday Mass, in a special ceremony that included the participation of Javier Leturia, director of ICTYS (Theatrical and Social Cultural Institute) and Damián Pérez, Identity and Culture Manager of the Camposanto Parque del Recuerdo.

Our brother Javier shared that “in this exhibition we see the suffering face of Christ in his different invocations, reminding us that pain and death do not have the last word because they are not a defeat, they are an opportunity to suffer with Christ and with Him achieve the Heaven where we will be infinitely happy”.

This is the third exhibition that ICTYS and the Camposanto Parque del recuerdo have held so far this year.

In the month of March they presented the posthumous exhibition of the teacher Néstor Castro (*1939 +2022) “Via Crucis, path to Easter” which brought together a complete work with fourteen stations of the Via Crucis and a Risen Christ. And in the month of May, “Maria, in the popular devotion of the Popular of Peru” which showed works by nineteen traditional artists from ten regions of the country.

Faces of Christ: Sixteen emblematic works of Peru

It should be noted that this exhibition brings together talented artisans who, with their works, pay tribute to the rich artistic and religious tradition of Peru, among them Cristóbal Mamani (Cusco), Luna Sánchez (Ayacucho), Marianela Cuycaposa (Junín), Alberto Flores (Ayacucho), Víctor Palomino (Ayacucho) and Teófilo Aylas (Ayacucho).

exposición de arte popular titulada “Rostros de Cristo en el Perú”

This exhibition has sixteen unique works that transport us through the religious and cultural history of Peru, with such emblematic pieces as “The Lord of Miracles”, “The Lord of Tremors”, “The Lord of Muruhuay”, “El Señor Cautivo de Ayabaca”, “El Nazareno”, and others from various regions of the country, such as Ayacucho, Cusco, Junín, Piura and Puno.

We invite everyone to visit this moving exhibition at the Camposanto Parque del Recuerdo, located at KM 25.5 of the old Panamericana Sur, Lurín. The exhibition will be open to the public from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, with free access.