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Dante and Ricardo share experiences from the missions in Brazil

From March 3rd to 23rd, the city of Petrópolis in Brazil was the scene of missions that brought together young people from different places in the United States and Brazil. Each missionary group dedicated a week apostolically attending to the areas of Comunidade do Naylor (from 3rd to 9th), Magé (from 10th to 15th) and Cascatinha (from 10th to 23rd).

“The missions were centered on the Eucharist”

Our brothers Cankin Ma, Dante Carrasco and Ricardo Narváez were part of the team on these missions. Dante accompanied three of the four missions that were carried out. This experience meant a profound renewal in his missionary vocation.

For Dante, the missions in Petropolis were a unique opportunity to renew his commitment to the evangelizing mission of the Church. “It was almost a whole month in which I was accompanying the young people, both from Petropolis and from the Americans in the Focus group, in the experience that the Lord offered us in those weeks of missions,” he said, adding: “the most important thing for me was to renew, in my Sodalit vocation, the missionary aspect. ”

On the other hand, he remembered with special affection his first missionary experience when he traveled to Huaraz, Peru, with the CLM. “To live more intensely the same experience of evangelizing ardor that I experienced in 2003 was a gift from God.”

“The missions were days of great intensity and joy,” Ricardo tells us, also highlighting that the missionary group from the United States was made up of very devout young people. “The missions were centered on the Eucharist, on the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, on prayer, on dialogue and from there arose the need to go and evangelize.”

He added that the Brazilian youth were very willing to help, translating and accompanying from house to house, and stressed that there was great unity between the youth of both countries.

About Mission Brazil

Mission Brazil is a service of the CLM in Brazil. It consists of a series of short trips to Brazil, at any time of the year, in which people from all over the world live an organized experience of voluntary service.