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Families from Nazareth of the MVC Lima strengthen their faith with the prayer of the Rosary

In an effort to strengthen unity and encourage the spiritual growth of families, members of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) in Lima have begun praying the Family Rosary on a bimonthly basis. This initiative, organized by the Families of Nazareth, attracted a group of around 80 people in its first edition.

Rezando el rosario en familia

Families of Nazareth praying the rosary.

Last Saturday’s Marian event began with a warm welcome, in which some of the activities that the MVC Lima has been carrying out were presented. Then, the participants went to the Chapel of the Santa María de la Evangelización Pastoral Center, where together they raised their prayers through the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

The day culminated with a moment of communion, accompanied by testimonies shared by some of the attendees.

“Participating with my family meant saying to the Lord: Here we are! Asking him to help us live this stage of fatherhood and motherhood by putting ourselves in his hands, with the sole intention of living the marital path as best as possible”, shared David Lagos.

New coordinating team for Families of Nazareth

The first edition of the rosary prayer has been the result of the work of the new coordinating team of Families of Nazareth, who have been meeting to plan activities for the next MVC Assembly in 2024.

Familias de Nazaret del MVC Lima

Families of Nazareth of the MVC Lima.

At the heart of this initiative is the desire to promote family unity, involving not only married couples, but also children and grandparents. The aim is to create a space of communion that strengthens family ties with prayer.

This proposal to pray a bimonthly Rosary as a family has become a fundamental event on the agenda of the members of Nazareth of the MVC Lima, and the next meeting is scheduled for November 4th.

The Rosary as a family

Praying the rosary as a family is a Catholic tradition that encourages community prayer and strengthens ties. As Father Enrique Granados points out in his blog, “The Rosary is one of the prayers par excellence. It is a beautiful, simple prayer, easy to learn and can be prayed as a family. Every time the Virgin appears (Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, etc.) she exhorts us to pray the holy Rosary. And I think that if God allows his own Mother to come from heaven and give us a message, we must listen”.

Familias rezando el rosario.

“Our Mother Mary refers us to the prayer of the rosary, with which we learn in an effective and simple way to approach Jesus through Mary”, we hear in the episode “The Rosary, strength in battle, that we invite you to listen to in the “Teach us María” podcast, available on Spotify.

Families towards reunion in Ecuador

Finally, it is worth remembering that the next international meeting in Ecuador, titled “The Joy of Being Family”, organized by the MVC and the Sodalitium Christanae Vitae, with the aim of further strengthening the mission of the families of Nazareth will be held next October 13th, 14th and 15th.