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Felicitas and Areté: A strategic alliance to offer comprehensive support

With the purpose of offering quality and comprehensive professional support to those people who face significant challenges in their lives, on Friday, March 15, Pablo Perazzo, director of Felicitas , and Paola Riveros, clinical psychologist and representative of Areté in Peru, signed an alliance.

This collaboration seeks to address the psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions of the person, using reconciliation psychotherapy, which aims to help people overcome or learn to manage psychological imbalances they may be experiencing.

How did this alliance start?

“Over the years, since Felicitas was founded, many people have begun to call us requesting personal support with more delicate issues linked to difficulties that warrant professional support from psychologists or psychiatrists,” explains our brother Pablo Perazzo, Project Director. Congratulations.

According to the Felicitas website, since mid-2023, Pablo Perazzo and Humberto Del Castillo Drago, director of Areté, were discussing the possibility of this apostolic alliance.

In this sense, clinical psychologist Paola Riveros, representative of Areté in Peru, shared: “We are happy to make this alliance, which will allow us to accompany more people who require comprehensive psychological support .”

It is worth remembering that the Areté Center focuses on developing a Catholic psychology that promotes the integral growth of people, helping them to live in virtue and reconciliation. Through Reconciliation Psychotherapy , it seeks to heal emotional wounds and promote the integration of the psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions of each individual.

What is the Felicitas Project?

Project Felicitas is dedicated to guiding families and individuals toward happiness through Christian love . Its objective is to help overcome everyday difficulties, integrating suffering as a natural part of life.

It seeks to become a reference in training and meeting spaces, promoting values such as the relationship with God, conjugal love, the training of children, work life and social relationships. In addition, it facilitates the search for the meaning of life, accompanying the integration of suffering with psychological and spiritual help.

You can learn more about this project by visiting any of its digital channels: Web | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Youtube