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Felicitas Project: Agreement with the Juan Pablo II University and plans for 2024

Felicitas Project has signed a collaboration agreement with the Juan Pablo II University of Costa Rica, as part of its commitment to strengthen the evangelization of culture. In this context, we wanted to explore the details of this important milestone and learn more about the programs and services that the project offers, in addition to anticipating the developments planned for next year.

Los sodálites Pablo Perazzo y el P. Emilio Garreaud firmando el Convenio entre Proyecto Felicitas y la Universidad Juan Pablo II de Costa Rica.

Pablo Perazzo and Father Emilio Garreaud signing the Agreement.

What is the Felicitas Project?

Our brother Pablo Perazzo, director of the Felicitas Project, explains to us that it is an initiative that seeks to “help people and families live Christian love, learning to live happiness even through the adversities that arise in our daily lives”.

His approach is based on two fundamental values: psychological support inspired by Christian spirituality and the strengthening of Christian families, prioritizing the relationship with God, the marital bond, the education of children, professional life and social life.

An agreement to strengthen the evangelization of culture

The signed agreement has a central purpose: the Evangelization of Culture. This mission shared by both institutions seeks to unite their efforts to reach a broader audience and contribute, in complementary ways, to the personal and Christian development of individuals around the world.

The central aspect of this agreement is the certification that the Juan Pablo II University will grant to all those who participate in the courses and workshops offered by Felicitas Project, both online and in person.

In this regard, Pablo shares with us: “We needed recognition of this type and the possibility of providing formal certification to enter the professional world, whether private or public, since people who dedicate hours of their lives to train are looking for those types of certifications, which serve for their own professional development”.

This Agreement is a gateway to reach places where it was previously difficult to offer our services. Which requires us to work increasingly more professionally and with standards of academic excellence, as well as human training, which truly merit this certification”.

Benefits of the agreement

The agreement with the Juan Pablo II University grants a certification that validates the training offered by the Felicitas Project through courses and workshops in person and digitally. Additionally, it provides participants with access to the university’s educational offerings that can be found on its website.

Programs and services

Currently, Felicitas Project offers a wide variety of online programs, available on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and its website. They include the “Cafecito online”, “Among friends”, the “Vlogs of Happiness”, webinars, courses and workshops, along with the new program “Educando con Amor” aimed at parents with children in school.

On the other hand, the “Somos Felicitas” community allows subscribers to freely access resources such as webinars and courses that address topics such as happiness in daily life and the education of children.

The next webinar scheduled for Monday, October 30th at 7:00 pm (Peru time) is titled “What role does the Catholic school occupy in a world so far from God” by Mg. Rodrigo Pereira: Theologian and Master in Psychopedagogy. Pedagogy in Religion, Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education (Gabriela Mistral University). Deputy director of Saint Joseph School (Chile). You can register for free here.

The Felicitas Project plans

By the end of 2023 and next year 2024, Felicitas Project plans to run more in-person workshops, expand to public institutions and collaborate with private companies in the delivery of training.

On the other hand, Pablo told us about the creation of courses that will address particular topics in the daily life of the family. In addition, they are developing a mobile application for a more practical and accessible experience of the content they have been creating.

Finally, Paul asked us to pray for this intention: “God willing, we will be publishing a third book on happiness, but this time it will focus on everyday life, in which we experience various difficulties and many times we do not know how to face them and “find that peace and serenity that we long for”.

Learn more and be part of the Felicitas Project community on its different digital channels: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Patreon.