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FELICITAS, valuable content for personal and family development

On November 26th, our brother Pablo Perazzo carried out the virtual launch of the FELICITAS Project, through his Facebook page in an atmosphere of great expectation from the attendees.

The event featured testimonials from people from Arequipa, Lima (Peru) and Cuenca (Ecuador), who, in addition to expressing their gratitude and their own experience of accompanying FELICITAS, asked questions that were answered by the moderator of the event, Diana Carolina Flores, Community & Project Content Manager, and other team members.

During the launch, the founder and director, Pablo Perazzo, presented his renewed website, and the inclusion of the project in the PATREON platform that allows followers to have indefinite access to all the webinars, courses and workshops that are running monthly, as well as the courses in the form of podcasts and spiritual reflections sent by the same director.

Likewise, Pablo commented that the people who subscribe to the platform are collaborating financially so that FELICITAS continues to produce valuable content through programs that help personal and family development and guide them to find well-being and peace in the midst of adversity.  Seeking Christian happiness, even in moments of suffering.

Finally, the event ended by presenting a promotional video that broadly showed the benefits of the project.  You can watch the video here:

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