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“Festa Junina”: How was this tradition lived in the CLM Brazil?

CLM members in São Paulo and Petrópolis immersed themselves in the joy and tradition of the “festas juninas” this year, organized by the Christian Life Movement (CLM) of each city. These meetings, with typical food, music and games, offered moments of fellowship and celebration for all those who attended.

Festa Junina in São Paulo.

Festa Junina in São Paulo.

Our brother Craig Kinneberg, a participant in the event in São Paulo, explained: “The June festivities are a tradition in Brazil that take place throughout the month of June. They have a “sertanejo” style (the “sertão” is a region in the interior of Brazil), which is expressed through music, food and dances typical of the area. In addition, some saints whose festivities are in the month of June are celebrated or mentioned, especially San Antonio de Padua, San Juan Bautista and San Pedro”.

The “festa junina” in São Paulo began with a prayer of the rosary, followed by various activities for all ages. There were games for the children, rounds of bingo, raffles and the typical dance known as “quadrilha”. Craig shared with us about this experience: “He was a very familiar spirit. Around 250 people participated in it, and some of the attendees who were new to this type of celebrations described it as one of the best they had attended”.

On the other hand, in Petropolis, the CLM organized the long-awaited event, which was also attended by missionaries from Mission Brasil. Juliana Cordeiro, one of the organizers, shared: “The festa junina was held to bring together people who attend Masses, those who participate in projects and services, and friends”.

Juliana stated that “it was an opportunity not only to enjoy the Brazilian party, but also to share unique moments with the American missionaries who were in Mission Brasil”, who were encouraged to present popular songs and dances from the United States.

If you want more information about the Christian Life Movement in Brazil and its events, we invite you to visit its official website.