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“Loving Christ is to a good extent allowing oneself to be loved by the Church”

Commitments to Full Apostolic Availability in Perpetuity of José Mauricio Vega Montoya.

Our brother José Mauricio Vega Montoya issued his Commitments to Full Apostolic Availability in Perpetuity in our community at a Holy Mass presided over by Msgr. Noel Londoño, Bishop of Jericó, in the Santa María de los Dolores Parish, located in Medellín, Colombia, last October 1st, Feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.

José Mauricio was accompanied in this celebration by his parents and relatives, José David Correa, our Superior General, Renzo Pava, Regional Superior of Colombia, our brothers from the communities in Colombia and numerous members of the spiritual family in that country.

During the homily Mons. Londoño highlighted that “what Mauricio does today is to recognize Jesus as Lord, understanding that He is the most important.  Likewise, he highlighted that the call in the Gospels to be like children ‘is to move forward’, but through a conversion.  And this is how this message of the Gospel is, it must be received with simplicity, with joy”.

At the end of the Holy Mass, José Mauricio shared a reflection on what the Church means, emphasizing that “each word has its extension and understanding.  But this word ‘Church’ has a special extension.  To love Christ is to a great extent to allow oneself to be loved by the Church, by the Mystical Body of Christ.  When I understood this, my life changed.  Being like children means, to a great extent, welcoming Christ in all the people where He dwells.  And Christ visits us every day”.

“How can we not see the vitality of Christ in you, Mommy?”  José Mauricio added in his reflection, also sharing his experiences of Christian life in his family, “Mom, you who gave birth to me and who said yes to life, in the formation and education of your children, and who have tirelessly shown me your face of the living mercy of God and the face of the mercy of Mary… How can I not see my father in the pilgrim feet of Christ?  That has shown me the hard-working face of God… How can I not see my brothers in the hands of Christ?  My brothers who were my first community and who taught me the gift of brotherhood”.

Later, our brother highlighted the presence of Christ in his apostolate.  “How can I not see in the eyes of Christ all the people on whom the Lord himself fixed his gaze and who today calls me to serve with my poverty?  How can we not hear in the ears of Christ the cries for help from a world that is tearing itself apart and destroying itself?  How not to listen in the ears of Christ to the most needy, persecuted and sick?”

He added “And how can I not see my Sodalit community, all my brothers, Sodalits, in that holy wood of Christ?  How can we not see in that holy wood on which we have all gone together, nailed and crucified with Christ?  To be able to say today with Paul and shout to the world: We live, but it is not us, it is Christ who lives in us!”

Msgr. José Mauricio ended his words remembering that “this is the Church, the ‘Corpus Misticum’, which in the midst of lights and shadows, was entrusted with a word that comes from on high, a word of salvation, a word the size of the sky, a word that surpasses us but is more alive than ever”.

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