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Growing in Virtue: A Book for Cultivating a Full Life

In an increasingly challenging world, Areté Ediciones, in collaboration with the Areté Catholic Psychology Center, announces the launch of the book “Growing in Virtue”, written by psychologists Humberto Del Castillo Drago and Natalia López Ospina. This work is the third volume of the “Psychology and Virtue” collection.

According to the authors, “virtue and its practice are fundamental elements in the path of following the Lord Jesus, offering a path of interior integration and personal reconciliation”.

This is how our brother Humberto and Natalia highlight in their work the fundamental role of living in accordance with the virtues to achieve happiness. They also explore the historical development of the virtues, examine psychological and Catholic approaches to virtue. In their book, they present a classification based on the Catholic tradition and offer a therapeutic perspective called “Reconciliation Psychotherapy”.

It should be noted that since its first years of existence, the Areté Center has considered it essential to delve into the essence of the human being and listen to the call to live virtue.

In the “Hello psychologist” program of the Areté Center and Humberto Del Castillo Drago, both psychologists and authors of the new book, present some advances on this text.

Is it possible to grow in virtue in today’s world?

This question is the title of the conference that the authors will hold next Thursday, July 13th, in order to deepen the content of the book. Said event will take place at the Panamerican Bookstore, located in El Poblado, Medellin, Antioquia, at 7:00 pm.

The Areté Center has informed us that this cultural event will also be broadcast online through its platforms on Facebook and YouTube:

On the other hand, Areté Ediciones shared that there will be a special promotion for the purchase of the physical book throughout the month of July. To purchase it (in Colombia), you can contact the following telephone number: +57 312 8865916. The book is also available in Kindle format here.