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“Happy Faces” delivers more than a thousand backpacks to low-income schoolchildren

The “Happy Faces” (Caritas Felices) solidarity campaign, organized by the Our Lady of Reconciliation parish of Lima, benefited 1,350 children from 4 to 9 years old from families with limited economic resources, giving them backpacks with school supplies.

More than school supplies

Yuriko Tokumura, the coordinator of “Happy Faces”; stated that the campaign seeks to convey hope to children and their families. “Backpacks are not only school supplies, they are a symbol of God’s love,” she explained to us. “Each design carries the Virgin and Jesus, reminding children that they are present in their daily lives.”

The importance of this campaign is to transmit hope to children and their families,” Yuriko stated with conviction. “We want them to feel part of a supportive community, to know that they are not alone.

We want the children to know that Jesus loves them and is in their hearts,” Yuriko shared with us. “The backpacks are a small gesture that reminds them that God is with them, even in difficulties.”

Essential help for families

The constant increase in the price of school supplies places a significant financial burden on families, especially those with several school-aged children. “Happy Faces” provides fundamental support to the most vulnerable families, mitigating their precariousness at a particularly challenging time.

Testimonies of hope

The families benefiting from “Happy Faces” expressed their gratitude for the help received. “My children’s happiness upon receiving the backpacks was something very special,” says Mrs. Francisca. “Thanks to this help, they will be able to go to school with their own things.”

Margarita Tapahuasco, mother of four children, adds: “I told them that we have to pray for those people who are behind this great work of love.” María Elena Saldivar, for her part, highlights the importance of solidarity: “Knowing that there are still people who are interested in what happens to people who have fewer resources is moving. And they teach us to share love with other people.”

Finally, Yuriko Tokumura concludes by telling us that they are always looking for donors. “Whether to make cash donations or to collaborate through donations of supplies or giving their time in assembling the backpacks, to be able to reach more children next year.