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Holy Week: 6 ideas from a mother to experience the Easter Triduum as a family

Holy Week is a special time of reflection and devotion for many Catholic families around the world. In the case of Silvana Ramos, family manager for Villa Caritas and San Pedro Schools, this time of year experiences days of unity around traditions that strengthen her encounter with the Lord Jesus.

Silvana and Pancho, along with their three children aged 8, 11 and 13, consider that Holy Week goes beyond simply carrying out a series of activities. For them, this time represents a valuable opportunity to strengthen their faith and transmit to their children the fundamental values derived from the love of Christ. Through family traditions, they seek to cultivate a deeper understanding of Christ’s sacrifice and the transformative meaning of his resurrection.

In this article, Silvana shares some of these experiences with us.

What activities to do with your children at Easter?

1. Participate in the liturgies of your children’s school

Attending the liturgical activities proposed by the school, to experience the Easter Triduum, is a fundamental part of Holy Week for Silvana’s family. Together they actively participate in the preparation and celebration of these ceremonies.

2. Make unleavened bread on Holy Thursday

The family gathers to participate in the preparation of unleavened bread, paying attention to how the dough is prepared, then trying to imagine what Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples must have been like.

3. Visit Churches with friends

Silvana and her family organize visits to churches together with the children’s friends, combining moments of prayer and reflection.

“We put together a group of the boys’ friends, in addition to visiting the churches, they are with their friends, we pray together as a family, something very brief in each church, it is very nice! and we finally finished before midnight.”

4. Prepare the Via Crucis

Every year, the family prepares a Via Crucis in which everyone participates, placing the symbols at each station to reflect on the meaning of the Passion of Christ. This activity gives them the opportunity to delve deeper into this mystery.

“The fact of preparing the Stations of the Cross has helped us a lot because each one, to the extent of their possibilities, helps me prepare the material for each of the seasons and we talk a lot about that.”

“I also remember that one year, when we were on the beach, we made a Stations of the Cross in the sand, like a large rosary, we made it with torches, and it was very, very nice because we prayed the Stations of the Cross on the seashore and we were “These people and family members gathered together.”

5. Watch appropriate movies for Easter

“Last year, we decided to see the Passion of Christ with our eldest daughter. Although we adults usually see her every Good Friday, this time we wanted to share that experience with her. It was a very special moment, since we were commenting and reflecting together on each scene. This experience left a deep impression on her. As time goes by, we adapt as our children grow.”

“For this year, now that the second is older, we plan to invite him to join this tradition. In this way, our activities evolve over time and the ages of our children, always with the objective of accompanying them in the maturation of their faith.”

6. Celebrate Easter as a family

“On Sunday it is already a tradition in my house to wake up to a super large Easter breakfast with decorations that we have prepared on the table, the family does not come and we celebrate Easter, and even until now they ask for their Easter eggs.”

We hope that these ideas are useful to make this Holy Week a time of spiritual renewal and unity for all families.