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Hogar San Lucas: Renzo Paccini recounts the reception of Nelly and Fausto

In the month of January, the home San Lucas located in Callao (Peru) welcomed two new seniors. Nelly Ortega Cornejo, a 70-year-old teacher from Lima, and Fausto Salinas Aguilar, an 89-year-old veteran firefighter. Nelly, who dedicated her life to teaching, lived alone and arrived from the Grau Emergency Hospital, while Fausto was accompanied by his firefighter colleagues.

The San Lucas Nursing Home is a work directed by Solidarity in Action – Perú (SEM) that provides comprehensive care for those who have been helpless in their old age. Beyond offering physical shelter, it provides comprehensive support, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who have faced abandonment.

Renzo Paccini recounts his experience hosting Fausto and Nelly

Our brother Renzo currently works apostolically in Solidaridad en Marcha Perú and on this occasion he shared with us what he experienced as part of the team at Hogar San Lucas that welcomed the two new elderly people.

“I was moved by the mutual affection that Fausto and his colleagues and fellow firefighters showed when they said goodbye. “They had been taking care of him, giving an authentic testimony of charity and solidarity.”

Despite Fausto’s deafness and his almost 90 years, he understood what was happening “and the dialogue had to be out loud! He gave us some nice words and thanked God for being welcomed into our Home.”

The story of Nelly, another new resident with communication difficulties due to a tracheostomy, is equally moving. Despite the limitations, the looks between her and Renzo were crucial in her conversation.

“As I spoke to him and struggled to understand what he wanted to tell me with his broken words, his gaze went from fear to a calmer one and to gestures of affection.

The adaptation process of new residents is fundamental at Hogar San Lucas. Renzo highlights: “When a grandparent enters the home, there is a period of weeks or months in which an adaptation occurs.”

“It is a time in which—not only the one who is entering but also those who receive it: the others sheltered, our caregivers, everyone—we begin to get to know each other, in the hope of reaching something like a new balance. It is like transition, a time in which new human and fraternal relationships begin.”

The challenges, according to Renzo, go beyond adaptation: “There is always the challenge of obtaining the financial means to be able to meet the basic needs of the new sheltered grandparent.

However, the rewarding moments are plentiful. “Seeing them eat their food with pleasure, calmly, addressing me with freedom and closeness, I think it is a sign that they feel truly at home here.”

“It is very gratifying to see the connection they have with our caregivers, how human bonds of affection and affection are created between people who, being strangers, end up united by bonds of love and charity,” he concludes.

How can you help?

SEM Peru has a sponsorship program. Through this link you can find out how you can collaborate with this noble cause.

Solidarity in Action (SEM) is a concretion of the love for those most in need promoted by the Sodalit Family, which lives the spirituality of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, which has among its apostolic accents the love of solidarity for the poorest, seeking to defend their dignity human. In these 25 years of service for those most in need, SEM has spread to other Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica.