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San Pablo Catholic University presents new Human Medicine degree

The San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP) announced the incorporation of the Human Medicine degree to its academic offering, thus expanding its catalog to 13 professional programs. “We believe in medicine with heart,” said our brother Dr. César Salas Valdivia, director of the Department of Health Sciences at UCSP, when presenting this new professional program.

In the launch video, Dr. Alonso Quintanilla, rector of the institution, highlighted that the new career will focus on “training doctors who are very professional, very scientific and also very human.”, who know how to approach their patients by understanding true dignity.” of the human being.”

While César explained: “We live the experience of the comprehensive training of the person that embraces intellectual and professional abilities, the vocation for service and the spirit of teamwork. “Medicine with heart is healing with science and healing with the soul.”

Press conference. Source: UCSP.

Press conference. Source: UCSP.

Medical education with a humanitarian approach

César Salas, a surgeon graduated from UPCH, has a master’s degree in Bioethics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a PAE in Health Services Management from ESAN. He also has postgraduate training in Medical Education at UPCH. He is currently a professor of Bioethics at the Gabriela Mistral University (Chile), of Biology at the School of Psychology of the UCSP and of Bioethics and Research Ethics at the Graduate School, also of the UCSP.

The director of the Department of Health Sciences has highlighted that the main objective is to train health professionals committed to humanized care. In this sense, “the new career in Human Medicine seeks to contribute to society through rigorous academic training and a focus on service.”

“Small group learning, early clinical practice, and training in simulated environments will be prioritized. In addition, critical thinking and scientific research will be encouraged to achieve academic excellence. and competent development of the profession,” he maintains.

Details about medical training at UCSP

César Salas during the press conference. Source: UCSP.

César Salas during the press conference. Source: UCSP.

At the press conference, César declared: “This Medicine program will begin its classes in March 2025. During this year, 2024, we will have the entire admission process.”

Highlighting a focus on small groups and personalized training, César explained that it is a program that will only have 80 entrants, 80 students. “We and the university have committed to carrying out a small group program.”

“The concept of small groups not only refers to the group that enters,” he said, “but to the constant teaching-learning experience that will be carried out in small groups to personalize the teaching of both professional concepts and human concepts.” .

Finally, he expressed his deep pride in the program during his presentation before representatives of the health sector in Arequipa. He highlighted the support received and the shared desire to heal with science and heal with soul, which further motivates his commitment to this initiative.

You can find more information about this program on this website.

About UCSP

The Universidad Católica San Pablo was founded in the city of Arequipa in 1997 as an academic community inspired by the values and life of the Catholic Church and the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae. Its commitment lies in the search for truth and the promotion of the integral formation of the person. With activities spanning research, teaching and extension, UCSP strives to contribute to shaping culture, thereby fostering identity and human development.