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Humane signs a collaboration agreement with a leading institution in the prevention of abuses

We spoke with Javier García, Rector of Humane Technological University of Business about the agreement with the Center for Research and Training for the Protection of Minors (Ceprome) that was announced on March 14th.

Ceprome, as reported on its website, brings together an interdisciplinary team of professionals who work specifically so that, in the environments of communities and institutions belonging to the Catholic Church, there are increasingly safer spaces for everyone, especially for children, girls, adolescents and vulnerable people.

Javier has told us that this agreement seeks to promote and strengthen the exchange of information, knowledge and research, aimed at promoting a culture of care, based on human dignity, the prevention of violence and abuse, especially in environments ecclesial, educational, business, as well as respect for the dignity and rights of people.

As part of the agreement, both institutions will coordinate research, training, training and awareness processes, aimed at various agents of society, as well as the Church, through academic curricular, research and social extension proposals, among others, in the following topics:

a) Respect for human dignity.
b) Violence, discrimination and abuse of all kinds.
c) Rights of individuals and responsibility in cases of discrimination, violence and/or abuse.
d) Advice for the Creation of protective, healthy and safe environments and preventive measures.
e) Institutionality and protocols.

Javier shared with us that business consultancies have verified the case of many bosses and workers who, without the specific intention of mistreating, have greatly offended the dignity of some people, thus reducing their decision-making capacity, self-esteem, and freedom.

Headquarters of Humane Technological University of Business (Ecuador)

Headquarters of Humane Technological University of Business (Ecuador)

Reflecting on the prevention of abuse, the Rector of Humane comments that “abuse can have many edges and dimensions and it is truly unfortunate that people are not aware of the scope and footprint that mistreatment or a deficient and poor interpersonal relationship can give”.

For this reason, he maintains that “it is very important to educate, form attitudes, behaviors and moral conscience so that we understand and discover how important it is to respectfully care for the bonds we generate with people and leave a positive mark on others, a footprint that shows the respect we have for each other”.

It should be noted that thanks to this agreement, María del Carmen Campos, Humane Consulting Group Consultant and member of the Board of Regents of the Institute, represented Humane at the II Latin American Congress “Assist, inform, communicate: Keys for effective management in cases of sexual abuse”, that took place in the city of Asunción (Paraguay). You can read more about that event here.

Humane was created in 2006 by the Fundación Benéfica Acción Solidaria (Ecuador) initially as a Higher Technological Institute “For Comprehensive Development of the Person” with the aim of promoting, from education and organizations, a more humane business culture. It obtained institutional accreditation in 2016, and since 2019 it changed its name to Humane Higher Technological Institute.