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“The Cross in popular art”: ICTYS Exhibition in the Camposanto Parque del Recuerdo

“The Cross in popular art” is currently on display in the Camposanto Parque del Recuerdo, located at KM 25.5 of Antigua Panamericana Sur, Lurín. The exhibition, which will be open until April 30th, presents an impressive set of 24 pieces from various artistic lines, including pottery and ceramics, traditional imagery, stone and wood carving, and mosaics with stained glass and mirrors.

The exhibition pays tribute to 15 talented popular artists, highlighting their creations and contributions to Peruvian popular art. Among them are names such as Alfredo Gutiérrez, Alfredo López, Cony Novoa, Cristóbal Mamani, Edwin Barrios, Elbher Romaní, Javier Castro, Maria Antonieta Mérida, Milagros Ramos, Rosalía Tineo, Sabino Tupa, and Wilfredo Ramírez, among others. The diverse origins of the artists, coming from Áncash, Ayacucho, Cusco and Lima, add a regional and cultural touch to the exhibition

María Antonieta Mérida, ambassador of Marca Peru

María Antonieta Mérida, Peru brand ambassador, is one of the artists participating in the exhibition. During the inauguration she expressed her happiness at seeing her works in an unusual place like a cemetery: “It is the first time I see that our works are in a cemetery, it has always been seen that they are in art galleries or museums, I am very happy.

I thank Brother Javier Leturia, who does a great job for the artisans by promoting us in different places; Thanks to him, many people know our works.”

Reflections during the inauguration

During the inauguration, Javier Leturia, director of ICTYS, shared reflections on the importance of the exhibition: “Death does not have the last word, Christ with his Cross has pointed us to Heaven.” He emphasized the connection between the suffering reflected in the beautiful crosses on display and the renewal of faith and hope.

Javier also highlighted the collaboration of the Camposanto Parque del memoria team, especially saluting Damián Pérez , Identity and Culture Manager, for supporting and giving space to the talented Peruvian artisans.

How can you see the exhibition?

The duration of the exhibition is approximately two and a half months, during which the public can enjoy these works from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission is free, and the exhibition is located inside the chapel, on the left side of the Parque del Recuerdo Cemetery.

“The Cross in Popular Art” offers visitors a unique experience, fusing spirituality, tradition and artistic talent in a moving way.


The Theatrical and Social Cultural Institute – ICTYS is a cultural association that seeks to promote the authentic values of the human person and generate spaces that allow the creation and dissemination of its different artistic expressions. With more than 30 years of experience, ICTYS has been promoting various artistic initiatives – through competitions, festivals, exhibitions, among other activities – in areas such as music, popular art, theater, photography and painting.