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ICTYS and the Ministry of Culture of Peru organize an exhibition of Peruvian nativity scenes

The Ministry of Culture of Peru organizes the popular art exhibition ‘Peruvian Births’ together with the Cultural, Theater and Social Institute (ICTYS).  The exhibition was inaugurated on December 8th in the Mochica room of the Ministry of Culture (San Borja, Lima) and will be available until January 8th, 2023. Admission is free and visits can be made between 10 am and 8 pm.

The nativity scenes on display are part of the ICTYS collection that consists of the entries from past editions of the National Nativity Contest that ICTYS holds in Peru and brings together artisans of various styles and places in the country.  These Peruvian artists pay homage and announce the deep joy of Christmas through their art.

“Those of us who are part of ICTYS, together with the artisans, experience great joy when we see how, starting from the First Contest in 2005, a series of activities have emerged that have helped in the visibility of the work of our Peruvian artisans.  We have taken on the challenge of preserving artistic traditions, as well as making them known”, says Javier Leturia Aranda, director of ICTYS.

In addition to the exhibition, the Ministry of Culture also inaugurated the most important craft exhibition-sale in Peru, the Ruraq Maki fair, which brings together more than 120 traditional artisan groups from 23 departments of Peru.  Among them winners and participants of past editions of the ICTYS Birth Contest.  This event allows artisans to show their popular and traditional art with the aim of highlighting the value of each artisan piece, its history and its meaning.  Ruraq Maki will be available from December 8th to 18th at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture (San Borja, Lima) from 10 am to 8 pm.