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In the Month of Mary discover the apostolate of the Pilgrim Virgin

Inspired by the mission of spreading devotion to Saint Mary, thus bringing more people closer to the Lord Jesus, a group of women from Callao (Peru) is dedicated to bringing the Pilgrim Virgin to many homes. In this month of May, dedicated to Our Lady, we invite you to discover more about this Marian apostolate.

Team of the apostolate of the Pilgrim Virgin in Urb. Bocanegra (Callao).

Team of the apostolate of the Pilgrim Virgin in Urb. Bocanegra (Callao).

What does the Pilgrim Virgin project consist of? This apostolate provides the opportunity for numerous families to receive the image of Our Lady of Reconciliation in a small urn in their homes, usually for 3 days, with the purpose of reciting the Rosary and other Marian prayers together.

The Pilgrim Virgin reaches homes in various ways. On some occasions, she tours the houses on a specific block in a development. In other cases, she goes from house to house, being welcomed by members of the same family. And on some occasions, the urn with the image of the Virgin is taken to the workplace, where it is rotated among the co-workers.

Currently there are 100 Pilgrim Virgins in constant movement in Callao and Huaral (province of Lima), according to Rosa Mattza, coordinator of the project for 10 years.

How was the apostolate of the Pilgrim Virgin in its beginnings?

Mrs. Jesús Devia, who has participated in this project since the beginning, remembers that all the ladies took to the streets of the urbanization where this pilgrimage began, to go house to house and talk about the Virgin Mary.

“It fills me with emotion and joy to know that we have done a bit so that many families receive the image of the Virgin in their homes”.

“We meet every week to pray in the park or in one of the houses that the people who received the Virgin chose. We took turns taking Maria to each home. It was a wonderful experience that I now treasure in my heart”, Mrs. Devia tells us.

The Pilgrim Virgin not only visits houses

Santa María seeks to be a direct link between the hearts of people and her Son. Through family prayer, this apostolate has been a source of inspiration and transformation in the lives of many people. Rosa shares with us with joy how many women have managed to get their husbands and children to join in the prayer of the Holy Rosary.

F. Marcio blessing Pilgrim Virgins in Huaral (2014).

F. Marcio blessing Pilgrim Virgins in Huaral (2014).

It is very moving to witness how each family prepares a special altar to receive the Pilgrim MTA into their home. This gesture of love reflects the importance that these people give to the Mother of God in her life.

The prayer of the Rosary has helped many to have a space for prayer and formation also in evangelical criteria with the talks that are offered in this apostolate. Some mothers have stated that these moments helped them to guide their children. Thanks to this apostolate, many have even wanted to receive the sacrament of baptism and confirmation, as well as go to the altar to be married.

Definitely the Virgin Mary not only visits homes but she has come to touch many hearts to lead them to the Lord Jesus.

Mrs. Merly Escudero has had a Marian experience since she was a child, as she shares with us, and this happened thanks to the testimony of her mother and her grandmother: “it was they who taught me to love her, to love her”.

For this reason, participating in the apostolate of the Pilgrim MTA has a deep meaning for her: “love, gratitude and the opportunity to lend my feet, my lips, my hands to the Mother, to repay her for everything she has done for me throughout my life”.

She, very moved, told us that thanks to the Pilgrim MTA, her love for the Lord Jesus has grown and she has continued for many years in the mission that He entrusts to her. In addition, through María, she learned about the Callao Christian Life Movement.

Merly tells us that in the month of May, in the Bocanegra urbanization (Callao), the 31 days of this month dedicated to our Mother make pilgrimages. They begin on the first of May with Holy Mass and then every day they pray the rosary in the different homes where the Virgin has arrived.

10 years coordinating the apostolate of the Pilgrim Virgin

This year, Rosa Mattza celebrates 30 years of marriage, in addition to 25 years of having known the MVC in Callao, the last 10 she has dedicated to the apostolate of the Pilgrim MTA.

Rosa Mattza (second from the right) with people who have received the Pilgrim MTA.

Rosa Mattza (second from the right) with people who have received the Pilgrim MTA.

“Since I was part of the Christian Life Movement, I participated in this apostolate. In 2013 I received the mission to watch over the Pilgrim Virgin apostolate in Callao. More than a position, it was a great challenge for me, knowing that it is a blessing from God”.

She remembers, with deep gratitude, many of our Sodalit brothers who, in the time that she has been carrying out this apostolic work, have offered their support in various ways, especially those who have lived in the community that the Sodalitium had in Callao.

With great emotion, Rosa expresses: “I feel very happy doing this apostolate! I am aware that it is the same Mother who shows us the way. If she were to invite someone to join this apostolate, she would tell them that she will receive a hundred times as much, definitely”.

One of the most significant aspects, in this Marian apostolate, has been witnessing the illuminated face of the people when they opened the doors of their homes to the Pilgrim MTA: “with affection and joy, they received Mother Mary inside, pleased by your visit”.

“Carrying out this apostolate is a necessity that arises from the encounter with the Lord Jesus. He has shown me his Mother and it is she who carries out this apostolate. I simply accompany her in her mission to announce to hers her Son, her Jesus”, shares Rosa.

Why do you promote this apostolate? She tells us that she does it out of the desire to share this treasure with all people: “for me, it is a great blessing to constantly rediscover the love of Mary, to understand that she is also my mother, a mother who educates me, comforts me and It shows me how I should be”.

With the Pilgrim Virgin, Rosa continues to find comfort and the freedom to show herself as she is, fragile and needy. Holding her hand, she never feels alone, as Mary gives her the gift of prayer, reverence, and wisdom.

“Knowing that nothing is lost when one takes the Pilgrim MTA to other homes”, is a message that Rosa shares with deep conviction.