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“Mary’s yes tells me a lot about how I want my priesthood to be”

Accompanied by his family, his Sodalit and Emevecistas brothers from Costa Rica, our brother Kenneth Pierce Balbuena was ordained a priest by Msgr. Vittorino Girardi, Bishop Emeritus of Tilaran-Liberia, on March 24th, at the National Shrine to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Votive temple (San José, Costa Rica)

Msgr. Vittorino Girardi laying hands on Kenneth.

Msgr. Vittorino Girardi laying hands on Kenneth.

For F. Kenneth it means a lot that he was ordained a priest on the eve of the Solemnity of the Incarnation Annunciation: “Apart from being a Marian date, which is a blessing in itself, the yes of Santa María tells me a lot about how I would like be my life as a priest: Being able to be available and make Jesus present in the middle of the world”.

“We always start the day with Eucharistic Adoration, and I think that was what helped me the most. The truth was very peaceful. In a sense it is impossible to be well prepared, so everything is grace, and that left me very calm”.

With only a few hours left for the great moment with the Lord Jesus, our brother Kenneth told us: “I knew that I only had one thing to worry about, which was to live and pray the ceremony”.

How did he inwardly experience his priestly ordination?

After looking at the photos of the ordination (See gallery) the question may arise, how did you live this experience internally? And when talking about the day of his priestly ordination, he tells us that “at times a lot of intensity in emotions, but more than that, below that intensity, the peace and joy of being able to serve God as a priest”.

He also remembers that when he felt so accompanied by many people, he thought about the desire to be able to serve those people as a priest.

Anointing with the holy chrism.

Anointing with the holy chrism.

“He was very attentive to the words, trying to understand the meaning of everything that was said, trying to be aware of what he knew was happening at that moment. I felt very grateful to God, renewing my desire to serve him, to give myself everything to others”, F. Kenneth tells us.

“On the other hand, with the awareness that it was something absolutely undeserved, but hey, God knows who he chooses. He was praying a lot during the entire ordination, trying to offer God: my availability and the greatest possible openness to grace”.

Father Kenneth has shared with us that he will continue his apostolate in the Christian Life Movement in San José, Costa Rica, accompanying its members now as a priest, especially with the celebration of Mass and the sacrament of confession, as he says he: “in one sense it is similar, and in another, very different!”.