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Mauricio Sinelli was ordained deacon in the parish of Sant’Ana, São Paulo

In a moving ceremony, which took place last November 21st in the parish of Sant’Ana, our brother Mauricio Fontes Sinelli received diaconal ordination. The celebration, presided over by Dom José Negri, PIME, Diocesan Bishop of Santo Amaro, marked a significant step in Mauricio’s path to the priesthood.

Deacon Mauricio Sinelli with the Bishop and his brother priests

New deacon alongside Bishop José Negri and his brother priests.

In one part of his homily, Bishop José Negri explained that the first deacons were chosen precisely to be servants and in this regard he added: “Being a servant means having compassion for the others that we are going to serve. So service means entering into the mystery of Jesus Crucified. He, who was the Servant of servants, He who offered himself until death, until the cross, until he donated his entire Being.

“And your work, dear brother Mauricio, is precisely the work of reaching out to others, of donating everything you are to the service of the Church ,” he said.

That day definitely marked a significant milestone in the life of Mauricio, who at the end of the Mass shared: “At the beginning of my consecration in the Sodalitium, the vocation to the ministerial priesthood arose. I always told myself for a long time that I was waiting for this moment. And not long ago I understood that it is truly the Lord who waited for me and waits for me, continues to wait for me.”

Reflecting on this beautiful experience, he told us: “Diaconal ordination on the path to the priesthood is my response to the call that the Lord gave me to consecrate myself in the Sodalite community from a very young age. For me it is the continuation of the yes given when I made my promise as an aspirant in the Sodalicio in 1996.”

It should be noted that this ceremony coincided with the Memory of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, adding a special meaning. Mauricio highlighted the resonance of this date, expressing: “a call resonates for me to trust in the Lord and respond by going after Him, following Him, as his Mother, the Blessed Virgin, did in a unique way.”

Deacon Mauricio with his father and his baptismal godmother.

Deacon Mauricio with his father and his baptismal godmother.

In addition to his family and friends, his brothers from the Sodalite community were present at the ceremony, including Juan Carlos Boldt, Vicar General of the Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana, and Fr. Marcello Carrillo, General Assistant for Spirituality.

On the other hand, reflecting on the support he received during this time of preparation, Mauricio shared: “In a vocational path many people are involved with different roles and participation. I believe that in the last two years what was decisive as a path of healing and reconciliation was the personal apostolate. Return to the initial intuitions of the call, return to take care of the brothers and sisters that the Lord has entrusted to me, donate my life for them, donate my time, donate my heart.”

Mauricio, during diaconal ordination

Mauricio, during diaconal ordination

In the midst of this time of grace, the new deacon wanted to share with the spiritual family that “there is a life, not just any life, Life, hidden in God, and it is wonderful.”

Finally, we congratulate Mauricio for this new stage on his path to the priesthood, trusting that his service will be fruitful and that God will always guide him with His love and wisdom.