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Medical mission provided comprehensive care to more than 700 people in Ayaviri (Peru)

A group of medical professionals from the United States and Lima came together to carry out an international medical mission in Ayaviri, Peru, benefiting more than 700 people from September 25th to 30th. Members of the Sodalitium and the Christian Life Movement participated in this solidarity initiative.

US participant with a girl in Ayaviri.

US participant with a girl in Ayaviri.

The medical mission, which lasted a week, included the participation of dentists, vision measurement specialists, traumatologists, among other specialties from Lima and pediatricians arrived from Miami.

It should be noted that this mission was marked by the dedication of the doctors, who offered specialized care to more than 700 people. Each patient was treated with multiple specialties, providing comprehensive medical coverage. The mission took place over four business days, from Tuesday to Friday at noon, reserving Friday afternoon to visit families in their homes.

Medical Mission Participant.

Medical Mission Participant.

The joint effort of the support teams was essential to the success of the mission. Translators from the Catholic University of San Pablo (UCSP) and Bridges facilitated communication, ensuring that each patient received appropriate care.

On the other hand, Cáritas Ayaviri played a fundamental role in organizing the mission, coordinating all logistical aspects and providing comprehensive support. Thanks to the participation of Quechua speakers within the Cáritas team, a better service was guaranteed for everyone.

José David Correa and Ricardo Narváez participated in this mission.

The volunteers, including our brothers José David, Superior General of the Sodalitium Christanae Vitae, and Ricardo, collaborated in various tasks.

“It is a work that deeply touches the heart, as it involves caring for people in extreme need, many of them in conditions of poverty and advanced age. Seeing the joy and generosity of the medical teams is moving. Honestly, I can only interpret this as a divine work, something that responds to God’s will. These days, I feel that God observed with love, while the Virgin tenderly followed every action we carried out for the benefit of people, at all levels, giving them help with what we could, whether with food or medicine”, Ricardo shared.

The presence during the mission of the Bishop of the Diocese of Sicuani and Apostolic Administrator “Sede Vacante” of the Prelature of Ayaviri, Msgr. Pedro Bustamante, underlined the importance of the work carried out in said city. The coordination of this mission was led by Renato Sanders, who facilitated the participation of the United States medical team and coordinated with Cáritas and the UCSP in Peru.