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Fraternal communion at the meeting of sodalites in Buenos Aires

Between Sunday, May 26th, day of the Holy Trinity, and Sunday, June 2nd, day of Corpus Christi, the Third Annual Meeting of the Sodalites of Temporary Commitments of Full Apostolic Availability (PDA) was held in Pilar, Buenos Aires. . This event brought together 16 of our brothers for a week of formation and communion.

Our brothers gathered as friends in the Lord, strengthening their relationships and sharing their faith experiences. The meeting, directed by Father Héctor Velarde and accompanied by Carlos Muñoz, General Assistant of the Apostolate of the Sodalitium, focused on promoting the reception and care of the apostolic unity, motivating the participants to project themselves in a fraternal and apostolic service towards others.

Testimonies: “I have discovered an invitation to live more the life of a son of the Father”

Among the participants were Alan El Haj, Alejandro Ponce, Benjamin Oldani, Benjamin Brazelton, David Strycula, Gabriel Eche, Giancarlo Núñez, Jeffrey Ruskamp, Juan Daniel Muñoz, Leonardo Plaza, Nelson Villamor (via Zoom), Pedro Zea, Renzo Moreno, Sergio Arrangoiz, Sérgio Brandão and Thibault Vincent.


Gabriel Eche

“I witnessed and participated in a dynamic of encounter in which the spirit of communion allows us Sodalits to recognize the other and put our lives in harmony; a life with joys and pains, and at the same time, a life flooded by the Spirit of God.”

Gabriel shared how participating in the Eucharist from the beginning of the day allowed him to discover the importance of gathering in thanksgiving and joy in community life. “It has been a blessing to be able to tell how I am experiencing the PDA stage in the Sodalicio today, and it has been an even greater blessing to be able to listen to my brothers tell how they are living it.”

“I have discovered a very strong invitation to live more sensitively the life of a son of the Father, a son who knows that he exists in the midst of brothers who need him and who needs them ; and that as brothers, sent by the Father, we participate in a common mission as his apostles. “Respond to this invitation by being closer to my brothers, praying more for them and for their local mission.”

Sergio Brandão

“For me, these days in Buenos Aires were very refreshing. We were blessed to be together, 15 Sodalites who are in initial formation, to be able to share a few days praying together, sharing dialogues and the joy of fraternal communion .” Sérgio highlighted the importance of these spaces to better understand the mission of the community in the places they visited and, through the sharing of the brothers, recognize the work of the Sodalitium in various places.

“In addition, giving ourselves a few days to dedicate ourselves to the ‘internal mission’ of the Sodalitium, which is unity in love and sharing the Eucharist, help us to let the Lord form us better as a body that announces the Lord from the testimony of God’s action. in our midst.”

“Another beautiful element was being able to make a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Luján and pray for our entire spiritual family. We have asked the Virgin to intercede for the VI Plenary Assembly of the Christian Life Movement that begins in July and also for the next General Assembly of the Sodalitium .

Conclusion of the Meeting

This space has not only reinforced unity and fraternal communion among the 16 participating Sodalits, but also provided them with new tools for their apostolic mission.

Sodalit formation encompasses several stages of spiritual maturation until reaching a permanent bond with the community through commitments of full apostolic availability in perpetuity. We invite you to learn more about this itinerary on our website, where we explain this route in detail.