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Meeting of Sodalits in Italy: Reflections and dialogues on formation

From October 2nd to 6tg, the Sodalit community “Santa María del lago” in Nemi, Italy, was the scene of a meeting that brought together the members of the Sodalitium Christanae Vitae (SCV) who play various roles in accompanying our itinerary formative.

Sodálites junto al Cardenal Ghirlanda en la Comunidad de Nemi, en Italia.

Sodalits with Card. Ghirlanda in Nemi, Italy.

The Sodalit formation is divided into two periods. The first, called the “initial formation period,” is the most structured phase that leads to the act of full apostolic availability in perpetuity. After completing this stage, the sodalits continue with the “permanent training period”.

Our brother Mijailo Bokan, Coordinator of the Ratio Formationis of the Sodalitium, shared about the meeting: “This meeting was of great benefit to us, not only because we met in person, but also because its location allows the participation of Cardinal Ghirlanda, who is the Pontifical Delegate for the formation of our community and that of other brothers in faith who work in different areas of formation”.

He also emphasized the importance of those in charge of the different training stages meeting in order to be in tune and gradually accompany the training itinerary.

Reflections and dialogues

During the five days, knowledge, experiences and perspectives were shared, with the aim of better accompanying the training itinerary of the Sodalits. The essence of this meeting lay in reflection and dialogue on crucial topics in training, addressed by a diverse group of experts in each subject.

Sodálites en diálogo con el Card. Ghirlanda.

Dialogue with Card. Ghirlanda.

Card accompanied us. Gianfranco Ghirlanda, who led a discussion on the current challenges facing the Church, while F. Marcelo Guidi, S.J. focused his participation in vocational choice and training.

For his part, Father Massimo Serretti, who has been accompanying the community in different formative topics, wanted to personally meet the Sodalits who help in formation.

Father Francisco Monroy O.A.R. shared about various training experiences. At another time, Father Gabriel Jaramillo, a diocesan priest, explored mystagogy in the first centuries and its relationship with formation.

The relationship between the liturgy and the search for truth was the topic discussed by Father Daniel Cardó, SCV; and finally, Carlos Muñoz addressed issues related to formation and apostolic discernment. These themes provided a comprehensive framework for reflection and enrichment during the meeting.

Who participated in the meeting?

The Sodalits who participated were: Juan Carlos Tuppia, Assistant General of Instruction; Mijailo Bokan, Coordinator of the Ratio Formationis; Javier de la Flor, Coordinator of the applicants stage, F. Christian Vinces, Trainer of Probandos; F. Héctor Velarde, Coordinator of the stage of temporary commitment of full apostolic availability; F. Kenneth Pierce, member of the Coordination of ongoing formation; Martín Ugarteche, trainer of the integration time and F. Santiago Posada, Instructor of aspirants.

Sodáltes en la comunidad de Nemi, Italia, con Fray Francisco Monroy.

With Fray Francisco Monroy.