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Meeting strengthens comprehensive education at Our Lady of Reconciliation School in Lima

The 2nd Parents’ Meeting “The Adventure of Being Parents” aimed at the first level of the School of Our Lady of Reconciliation, which took place last Saturday, May 25th, –

Our brother Pablo Perazzo, one of the organizers of the meeting, highlighted that this event has been “an effort to work as a team and achieve the integral, free and conscious development of the children, so that they are agents of cultural change for a more just and supportive society.” In addition, he underlined the objective of forging an educational community that combines the daily parental experience with the educational path of the school, seeking that the children develop creative autonomy and critical thinking.

Strengthening the role of the father and comprehensive education from faith

During the meeting, Dr. Alfredo García gave a talk focused on the father’s mission as an educator in a confusing cultural context. He stressed the importance of rescuing and teaching clear notions of truth, freedom and love, stating that freedom implies being governed by a series of limits and parameters that, instead of conditioning, guide children to find that truth and goodness that will make them happier.

At another point in his speech he emphasized that authentic love is an act of will for the good of others, and that the family is the best environment to train children in these values.

For his part, Father Christian Yamanija, chaplain of the School of Our Lady of Reconciliation, explained the educational proposal of the school. He stressed that the objective of the meeting is to work together for the children, understood as unique and unrepeatable people, created in the image and likeness of God.

He also stressed the importance of a comprehensive education based on the model of Christ, and how the school’s educational community is committed to educating children holistically through personal relationships and the joint efforts of the entire community.

“Learning to love” initiative

During the meeting, parents were also presented with the “Learning to Love” initiative, which aims to form perseverance groups for parents, providing tools to better educate their children. In this space it was explained that these groups seek to align learning at home with what is taught in the school’s group tutoring sessions, covering fundamental topics such as the formation of the will, authority with love, and the appropriate use of digital screens .

“We are forming a community of parents”

Sofía Rospigliosi, one of the participating mothers, expressed her satisfaction with the meeting: “I like that we are forming a community of parents, formed in values and that we are willing to relearn to always provide the best to our children.”

“What I liked most about this experience was that the memories and teachings of our parents towards us emerged, and that we can rescue the same values without being influenced by passing trends of the moment,” said Sofía.

While teacher Rebeca Ramos, Pre Kindergarten tutor, shared that the second edition of the Parent Meeting has been a rewarding and enriching space in her teaching work. “Working with parents, throughout our guiding role, is a fundamental basis for supporting their children. The talks have allowed me to enrich myself with valuable strategies that will allow me to share with the other families in my classroom.”

“What I carry in my heart from this space is the joy of sharing enriching experiences as an educational community and providing support to each other.”

About Our Lady of Reconciliation School

The Our Lady of Reconciliation School is a Catholic educational community that seeks to provide its students with an integral education, guiding them towards an encounter with the Truth and a commitment to solidarity with society. This institution is part of the Sodalit School Network, which brings together the educational works of the Sodalitium of Christian Life in Peru, Chile and Colombia.