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Message from the V Assembly: Gratitute towards the Sodalit Family

Message from the V General Assembly

Gratitude towards the Sodalit Family

Dear brothers and sisters,

During these days in which all perpetually professed sodalits have been gathered in our V General Assembly under the protective mantle of the Virgin, “Our Lady Aparecida”, we have strongly experienced the spiritual and fraternal closeness of each of you as members of the Sodalit Family, and you have been very present in our prayers and reflections.

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for so many and so heartfelt manifestations of solidarity, affection and brotherhood that have reached us through different mediums, and for your constant company and patience in the midst of our difficulties. We especially thank you for your prayers elevated to the Lord for the fruits of our Assembly. This has been a time of grace for us, as well as an important occasion for prayer, sharing, reflecting, acknowledgement and discernment of the path the Lord is allowing us to go through as the Sodalitium. We have been accompanied with dear fatherly care the ecclesial authorities appointed by Holy Father Francis for our Assembly: el Card. Joseph William Tobin, C.Ss.R., Ad nutum Delegate; Mons. Noel Londoño, C.Ss.R., Commissary Apostolic; Fray Guillermo Rodríguez, O.F.M., Assistant Commissary Apostolic; y el R.P. Gianfranco Ghirlanda, S.J., Pontifical Assistant.

We started our Assembly with a week of Spiritual Exercises directed by Fr. Ghirlanda. They allowed us to place ourselves in a disposition to listen and receive the Holy Spirit and its motions, to open ourselves to the merciful gaze of God, and to do a serious personal and communitarian examination of conscience. We have vividly shared in reunions, reports, forums and plenaries, in which we have experienced something that we believe might be an input for the moving forward of the Sodalitium for the following six years, but also a particular moment of maturity for our path of reformation, renovation and reconciliation. We have been invited to welcome and value the gift of the charism truly present and alive among us and confirmed by the Church, to assume personal and communal responsibilities and as a Community to admit humbly the faults we have committed, seek conversion and ask sincerely for forgiveness, to accept, reconcile and heal the wounds made by our actions or omission, to open ourselves with solid hope, enthusiasm and generosity to the horizon of the apostolic mission that Our Lord Jesus has called us to and that the Church has trusted us with.

Each of you has been particularly present in the place where communion has been the most tangible, and where we have found nourishment and consolation for each day of our Assembly: the Holy Eucharist. We have also consecrated ourselves once again to Our Mother who invites us to promptly do, as a community, whatever her Son, Jesus Christ, tells us (John 2,5). This is path which we know we will not go through alone, but as a family which God has given a common call: to bring joyfully the Gospel of Reconciliation to the whole world, especially to the most fragile and needy.

In this same spirit of communion we have proposed the name of some of our brothers that have been chosen by the Holy See to guide us as authorities until the next Assembly: José David Correa (Superior General), Juan Carlos Boldt (Vicar General), Juan Carlos Tuppia (Instruction Assistant), Fr. Marcelo Carrillo (Spirituality Assistant), Carlos Muñoz (Apostolate Assistant), Daniel Calderón (Commucations Assistant) and José Antonio Dávila (Temporalities Assistant).

Together with them we wish to renew our commitment to you to try harder to be more of a community of brothers in Christ that work for holiness in closeness to Him and who selflessly give themselves to the apostolate in service of the men and women of our time under the guidance of Holy Mary.

We raise our prayers to God, Father of all goodness, that he may shower your lives, families and communities with blessings, and ask that he makes the communion which He himself has given us as beautiful image of His Love grow ever more fruitful.

Your brothers in Christ and Mary,

The Sodalitium’s members of the

V General Assembly

Of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae