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Misiones Chile 2014: “Look, I’m at the door and I’m knocking”

Santiago de Chile, 07/23/14, (Sodalit News – Chile). In response to the call of Pope Francis and the Chilean Episcopal Conference, the members of the Sodalit Family in Maipu carried out the ‘Territorial Missions’ in order to meet and get closer to the people who live in the areas surrounding the Mother Parish of the Apostles.

The territorial mission is the main emphasis that the Chilean Episcopal Conference has assumed in response to the call made by the bishops in Aparecida, and by Pope Francis to go out and announce the Gospel to the existential and geographical peripheries. Therefore, the Mother of the Apostles Parish and the members of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) in Santiago de Chile have assumed the Territorial Mission and have been on mission during 2014.

The fruit of this effort were the winter missions where, unlike previous years, the missionaries stayed in their own territories —in their neighborhoods, where their schools are, where their families and friends live—, all housed in a school in the area. for a week, and going out on a door-to-door mission visiting the sick, with workshops for children, working on green and recreational areas for the neighborhood and so on. These apostles decided to go on mission in their own territory, the territory of the Mother of the Apostles Parish.

The parish territory includes an urban area where approximately 30,000 people live. In this area there are highly vulnerable neighborhoods, whether due to material, spiritual or moral poverty.

From July 14th to 20th, around 40 young emevecistas and from different associations stayed in facilities near the Parish to carry out these territorial missions.

Each day began with a moment of formation with which they sought to internalize and reflect on the motto of the missions: “Look, I’m at the door and I’m knocking”. After that, the young people went on missions visiting house by house in the sector. In the afternoons there was a moment of rest to go out on mission again through workshops with the children and the construction of a park in a sector of the parish territory marked mainly by poverty, vices and the little care of the environment. After missioning, they all returned to the parish to have different activities.

An important activity of these missions took place on July 16th, when all the missionaries left the parish in procession to the Votive Temple of Maipu in order to join the entire Church of Santiago to celebrate the feast of the Virgen del Carmen.

Prayer also played a very important role in the development of the missions; and for this reason they participated in an 8-hour vigil in front of the Blessed Sacrament exposed on an altar prepared at the school where they stayed. The following day they participated in a mass celebrated in a park in the new parish territory presided over by F. Hernán Álvarez, parish priest; That day he ended up thinking about the missions.

Saturday was marked by healthy living. A pleasant family run was held in which the missionaries and people from the parish territory participated. The missions finished the Eucharist on Sunday at noon in the Mother of the Apostles parish.

Inge Rosenkranz, coordinator of these territorial missions, tells us that “seeing young people who dedicate a week of their vacations to proclaim Christ with their hearts in their hands and loving, is a palpable sign of God’s love”, and indicates that this “It has been a totally God-given experience, of being able to live in community with the young people and with the aunts who were worried about us and gave us delicious meals. Each moment served to make me realize that we are a great family and that when we all contribute with our grain of sand, the load becomes easier, the cold is less and the joy of God is greater”.

Fernanda Nervi’s experience in these missions has been “very rich because I met many people with whom I have shared in a very particular way. The formations that we have had have helped me to discover many things and, really, going out to meet people to announce Christ is a great effort but one that has its rewards”.

Oscar Ortega, from the first year of preparation for confirmation, highlights that the days of missions “were something very nice since I managed to meet very good people and I was able to see that we all have something very in common, which is the great love of God”.

Daniela Rivas, an emevecista, tells us that at the beginning “I was afraid of how they would receive us, I thought that they would not open the door for us, but although this did happen in some situations, in others we found families that did want to meet Christ and we were very happy We’ll take it with us”. She also added that this experience has been very positive because she discovered that “God was with me at all times; in each word of encouragement that my friends gave me, in each look of the new kids when they listened to me or in each smile of the families that we visited. It was a nice experience that has borne important fruits, so I thank God for allowing me to be part of this”.

“This is the second time I’ve gone to the missions and when they invited me I knew I couldn’t miss them”, highlights Mariajosé Miranda, who also explains that “all the sacrifices made in the missions don’t compare to what the missionaries receive from people, prayer, activities and so on”, adding that she ends the missions “with a heart full of love and convinced that those who participate in the missions know themselves better, who look at others with other eyes and live spirituality more deeply”.

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