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Living the vocation to mission with young people in Brazil

In an effort to manifest the evangelizing dimension of the Church, our brothers in Brazil helped organize two missions in the Diocese of Petrópolis (Brazil) from June 20th to 30th in the city of Mage and from June 9th to 19th in July in the Cascatinha neighborhood of the city of Petropolis.

These were carried out by MISSION BRAZIL, a service of the Movement of Christian Life (CLM) that is dedicated to the formation of the missionary character of young people. In partnership with FOCUS Missions and two parishes in the diocese, they were witnesses and facilitators of the immense blessing of the Lord’s call for young people to help announce his Gospel to all people.

Our brother Cankin Ma, one of the coordinators of MISSION BRAZIL, shares with us that “it is beautiful to see how the Lord continues to call young people to follow him and to announce his Word. Many of them were simply waiting for an opportunity to live it, and the missions that we have developed these months have been a privileged opportunity for it”.

There were more than 70 young people who offered the missionary charism through moments of formation to the young people of the town, visiting families in their homes, catechism for children and various meeting and prayer activities that revived faith in communities with a desire to grow even more in their Christian commitment.

After weeks of much apostolate, formation and sharing, the fourth group of foreign missionaries this year said goodbye very grateful for this service of the CLM. MISSION BRAZIL now has a proposal for a formation itinerary for young Brazilians who felt called to mature in their identity as missionaries sent by the Lord: the CORE TEAM program.

Maiara Duarte, team leader of these missions, highlights that she experienced “so many emotions and a lot of learning and I was able to see God in the details. I noticed that, both in this mission and in the one in March, a seed was planted in the hearts of those who did not follow the ways of the Lord, as well as in those who already followed them, MISSION BRAZIL watered that little flower. Faith makes us flourish, and it is so beautiful to see the buds grow every day. Thank you for watering my faith. Thank you very much for every teaching, every member, every moment. The sharing and the testimonies of love for others that motivated me to continue”.

MISSION BRAZIL is a service of the CLM in Brazil. It is a set of short-term trips to Brazil, at any time of the year, where people from all over the world can live a complete and organized experience of volunteer service, which also includes experience of Brazilian culture and that of other countries.