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MVC Lima families carry out missions during Holy Week in Chincha

42 missionaries from the Christian Life Movement in Lima, including 11 families, children, adolescents and adults, spent Holy Week missioning in the “Lord of Miracles” human settlement in Chincha, where the MVC carries out its apostolic and solidarity work.

Our brother José Antonio Dávila, General Assistant of Temporalities of the Sodalitium, responsible for family missions, described the experience as “edifying, renewing and spiritual.” “Seeing families missioning in the context of Holy Week was beautiful. In the morning we lived the liturgical life of the baptized in service to others, to those most in need, and in the afternoon the Christian life of the baptized in the liturgy of the Church.”

The missionaries made home visits, blessing some houses and providing spiritual support to the sick. Additionally, in collaboration with the MVC of Chincha, they carried out a delivery of school supplies during one of the days of the mission. In addition to the Holy Week catechisms offered for children, they met with local catechists to strengthen their formation in the faith.

For their part, Gianfranco Solari and Mariana Matellini, a couple who have been married for 1 year and 7 months, also joined the mission. “The nostalgia of living in Mission was not foreign to us,” they confess. However, the experience gave them a profound renewal in Christ. “We knew that we are not alone and that there is a us, that we are called to live in communion with others,” they say. “Jesus does not ask us to be gifted, but to have a willing and dedicated heart.”

The missions reminded them that “the day the Lord acted must be permanent.” In a world marked by pain, like Good Friday, “we can be Easter people,” as the priest mentioned to them in the Vigil Homily. “Always be on mission because ‘we cannot stop talking about what we have seen and heard’ (Acts 4:20),” they conclude with enthusiasm.

In the afternoons, the participants of these family missions joined the Holy Week liturgical activities of the MVC Chincha in the Chapel of Colegio Santa María.

Finally, these days of mission have been a unique opportunity to live faith in community, share the love of Christ with those most in need and strengthen family ties.