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Missions in Argentina: “We seek to share the joy of the Gospel”

Summoned by F. Lucas Martínez, head of the Santiago Apóstol parish, more than 100 young people went on a mission from December 26th to January 4th to the city of Baradero, located in the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), near the river which bears the same name.

MVC Argentina Mission – Summer 2023.

CLM Argentina Mission – Summer 2023.

Our brother Piero Gamarra, responsible for the mission, shared that the priest invited them to mission in that area “to help him apostolically care for the parish areas that he normally cannot reach, due to the breadth of the parish territory”.

“In this summer mission, 110 missionaries participated”, Piero told us, also explaining that “among the young participants, the most experienced were called to form part of the organizing team, together with some Sodalit brothers who also accompanied the mission”.

Rudolf Haid, brother of the community in Argentina, has indicated that it has been “a mission in the midst of a very special climate of grace”, referring to the liturgical season of Christmas in which this evangelizing service took place.

The missionaries lived in those days moments of prayer, formation, and sharing activities. In the mornings they visited the houses of the locals and in the afternoons they dedicated themselves, with determination, to the workshops and meetings that they offered, closing the apostolic work with the holy mass.

MVC Argentina Mission – Eucharistic Adoration.

MVC Argentina Mission – Eucharistic Adoration.

Testimonials on Missions CLM Argentina

“There was a people in great need of God, between chatter and chatter in the houses you could see the absence of great love”, Bautista Martino (20) shared with us, who also told us that in those days he wondered “How Can I make the children see the love of Jesus in me, so that I can then transmit it to the people of Baradero?”.

“I tried to do my best using my memories of previous missions and the Sodalits who accompanied me during this training path as a reference”, Bautista said.

Reflecting on what he experienced in this mission, he told us that “at all times and in each missionary one could see the joy of transmitting the word and love of Christ, where 110 boys were united by a single cross that they carry firmly on their backs, safety and joy”.

MVC Argentina Mission – Summer 2023.

CLM Argentina Mission – Summer 2023.

For her part, Milagros Epelde (21), who has participated in various missions, has shared that when she thinks of that week in Baradero, a smile breaks out in her face because she experienced that beyond the fatigue, of the thousands of emotions that are presented to them, “the The joy of hearing God’s call and responding is greater than everything”.

“Feeling as instruments of Him and seeing how his work is taking shape with the passing of the days, never ceases to amaze me”. He has said Miracles.