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MVC Chile Missions: 10 days of evangelization and solidarity

Between January 18th and 28th, the Christian Life Movement (MVC) carried out missions in Paico, Talagante, a rural area of the Metropolitan Region of Chile. Seventy missionaries, including students from Saint Joseph School and young people from the MVC, joined this evangelizing and solidarity cause.

During this missionary experience, activities included visiting three local chapels, workshops for children, attending the “Hogar San Francisco” nursing home, and supporting a rehabilitation center for people who have dealt with drug use.

They left without delay to evangelize with joy

Our brother Father Carlos Zamalloa shared: “The experience of welcoming the people was gratifying. Several participants expressed their astonishment at the openness and trust of the people in introducing us as Catholic missionaries.”

“I think our motto sums up this experience well: He left without delay to serve with joy, referring to Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth,” he added.

He also said that this year “the number of missionaries increased thanks to the testimony of the boys who participated last year.”

For his part, Sergio Brandao, a Brazilian Sodalite who lives in the Community of Santiago de Chile, shared: “For me it was very special to be able to see the presence and action of God among the missionaries and in the lives of the people we accompan .”

With admiration, Sebastián, participant and member of the organizing team, expressed: “Seeing so many people willing to donate 10 days of their vacation to help others is something simply indescribable.”

Finally, for Javier “these missions were an opportunity to go listen, accompany, and help those who needed them most. They were days full of service with children, grandparents and people from the town, bringing the Word and love of God to each home.”