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Discover our most popular content of 2023


2023 has been a year of many stories, reflections and moving moments, and now, as we say goodbye to this chapter, we want to share with you the content that resonated the most . From news that has told stories of encounter, celebration and apostolate, to blogs that have touched hearts and publications on social networks that connected the most.

Thank you for being a fundamental part of our virtual community in 2023. We are happy to share these significant moments and we hope that each story, reflection and publication has touched your life in a special way as it has ours.

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The 3 most popular news: A meeting with the Pope, a new book and a celebration

Pope Francis receives the Superior General of the Sodalitium in a private audience
In a private audience, Pope Francis received the Sodalitium’s Superior General, José David Correa. The Pope encouraged renewal efforts, expressed continued support, thanked us for our prayers, and asked to continue praying for him. | Read the full news

Saint Mary de Chincha School celebrates its fortieth anniversary

The anniversary Mass was presided over by Father Emilio Garreaud. The school received recognition from the UGEL of Chincha (Peru) for its contribution to local education. The director, Marlene Morón, reflected on the evolution of the institution in an emotional video. The festivities concluded with a Sunday Mass celebrated by Bishop Héctor Vera, Bishop of Ica. | Read the full news .
Alfredo Garland presents his new book: “Rediscovering silence. “A path to communication”

Our brother Alfredo’s new book, published by Ediciones Paulinas Perú, highlights the importance of enriching silence to strengthen listening and improve the quality of communication. In this interview, Alfredo explores how silence goes beyond the absence of noise, inviting us to go deeper into our own being, listen to others and open ourselves to the voice of God in a world full of distractions. | Read the full interview .

Missionaries, the Last Supper and the deep meaning of the Cross, in the most visited blogs in 2023

How important are missionaries in this time and how can I become one?

In this article Álvaro Díaz highlights the relevance of missions today, underlining the need to bring the message of faith to remote places. He emphasizes the difficulty of living as a missionary in a consumerist and materialistic world, and that the mission is not exclusive to consecrated people, but a vocation for all the baptized. | Read it here

A beautiful reflection on the Last Supper, friendship and love

Pablo Perazzo presents the importance of the moment when Jesus shares the Last Supper with his apostles before his Passion. The character of friendship and fraternal communion is highlighted in this act, despite the warnings of betrayal and the difficult circumstances that lay ahead. | Read it here .

Why is the Cross a sign of honor for every Christian?

Although the cross was an instrument of torture and humiliation, the author highlights that God chose this symbol for salvation, respecting the human freedom that led to its use. The cross, being the place where Jesus takes on all evil and destroys hatred with his love, becomes a symbol of hope, explains Father Kenneth Pierce. | Read it here .

The most popular on our Instagram account

Three posts have resonated significantly with our community. The first, “7 ejaculatories to pray before Jesus in the Eucharist ,” has captured the attention of many devotees seeking to strengthen their spiritual connection with Jesus. Likewise, Father Diego Cano’s testimony about Mary’s role in his life generated a deep connection. Finally, the celebration of the Feast of the Virgin of Fátima with the phrase “ My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge ” has touched the hearts of our audience, consolidating these three publications as outstanding in terms of reproduction and interaction on this platform.

In case you missed it

Last month we launched a series of videos about Sodalit life that we have already shared on YouTube, go watch them here . Finally, in the coming days you can take the opportunity to learn how to pray with the with this podcast . .

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