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MVC Italia Missions: More than 15 years working in Latin America

Since 2005, the Christian Life Movement (MVC) in Italy has carried out missions in Peru and recently Argentina, committing to helping those in need and spreading the message of hope of the Lord Jesus.

MVC Italia missionaries building a house.

MVC Italia missionaries building a house.

In these missions, our Sodalit brothers from the community of Italy have focused much of their time on guiding young volunteers in their apostolic, solidarity and spiritual work.

Peru: The beginning of a solidarity journey.

Back in 2005, in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, in Huaraz these missions focused on building houses for those in need. As they did in the Pamplona Alta Human Settlement, in Lima, Italian volunteers built a staircase to improve the mobility of residents.

2012 was highlighted by a group of 55 young Italian university students, who together with seven sodalites carried out various social works in Lima and Cañete. They built 21 prefabricated houses in the Bello Horizonte Human Settlement and collaborated with children at the ‘Cerrito Azul’ school for people with Down syndrome and autism.

Missionaries of the MVC Italy.

Missionaries of the MVC Italy.

Towards July of the following year, 40 young Italians joined the MVC Missions in Peru, carrying out various solidarity activities, such as the construction of a soccer field, green areas, games for children and prefabricated houses for the victims of the 2007 earthquake in Nuevo San José (Cañete). They also provided support and accompaniment to children at the La Alegría en el Señor school and the Hogar San Francisco.

Argentina: A new frontier of service.

In August of last year, a group of young adults from MVC Italia traveled to Barrio Salas in Pilar, Argentina, where they carried out charity activities, including construction work and the creation of a beautiful mural in the Nuestra Señora de Caacupé chapel. In addition, they organized an Italian dinner for local families and strengthened their Christian life through spiritual moments in the middle of nature.

Missionaries of the MVC Italy in Argentina.

Missionaries of the MVC Italy in Argentina.

In 2023, from August 4th to 19th, MVC Italia continued its mission in Argentina, supporting the construction of an auditorium related to the future chapel in Barrio Salas. This time, the focus was on faith formation and solidarity, further strengthening ties with the local community and bringing hope to new places.

It should be noted that after a week of work and moments of intense apostolate, the missionaries moved to the fascinating and wonderful Argentine Patagonia and then to Chile, in a combination of adventure, friendship and spiritual life.

The missions of MVC Italia continue to be, for many young people, a story of generosity, spiritual growth and solidarity. With each trip, they continue to leave an indelible mark of love and faith in Latin American countries.