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MVC reactivates apostolate in Fonseca, Colombia

Our brother, F. Alejandro Gallego, made his first apostolic journey this year to the city of Fonseca (La Guajira-Colombia). Among other activities, he led a day at the José Pérez Agro-environmental Educational Center, where children and young people from Fonseca and indigenous people from the Wayúu community study.

F. Alejandro giving a talk at the José Pérez Agro-environmental Educational Center.

F. Alejandro giving a talk at the José Pérez Agro-environmental Educational Center.

“The school is very integrating and inclusive”, says F. Alejandro: “They accept any young person or child, whatever their age, and integrate them into the school year that corresponds to them, regardless of their age. There, I gave some talks about personal acceptance, about what it means to receive the gifts of God, I talked about being grateful and loving each other a lot”.

Father Alejandro has shared with us that the idea of ​​this trip to Fonseca was to have two spiritual days, one morning each. “In the first we talked about the experience of the prodigal son and conversion; in the second, on hope, based on the passage from the first Psalm, of the tree planted next to streams of water that always bears fruit. These were the two days of Saturday and Sunday”.

“We have also started preparing for the Experience that we will do in October. Go talking with those in charge to start activating the apostolate” shares F. Alejandro.

The MVC in Fonseca

Almost 20 years ago, approximately, the apostolate began in this hot city. “It started with an emevecista who was living in Medellín, but she was from Fonseca. She took the movement there. We started with issues of education secretariat, teacher training, with Vivencia meetings. We composed 10 vallenatos and recorded them there”, Mario Correa, current coordinator of the apostolate in those lands, tells us.

“We have carried out experiences with 600 young people in one weekend” recalls Mario and shares with us: “today you see young people who greet you in the street and begin to sing the songs of Vivencia, or people who, after having spent a long time For these encounters, they greet you in other cities and thank you for that moment they had with God. For me it is very beautiful and very renovating”.

Apostolic Journeys this year

Mario tells us that the Sodalitium assigned some brothers for some of the trips to Fonseca. “During the year, emevecista psychologists from Cali will travel to hold conferences on reconciliation in the light of faith. Later, other Sodalits will travel, including Father Alejandro who will be at the Vivencia”.

Finally, he informed us that five visits have been scheduled in 2023 in order to help what the emevecistas are already doing in La Guajira.