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MVC São Paulo: A look at the “Come and see” Meeting

With the aim of promoting mutual knowledge and deepening the reality of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) in São Paulo-Brazil, the “Come and see” Meeting (Meeting: Vinde e vede) was held last Saturday May 6th at the Pastoral Center of this city.

Participants of the Meeting "Come and you will see".

Participants of the Meeting “Come and you will see”.

On that occasion, the projects that the MVC São Paulo has been developing for this year were presented, such as: catechism, SOMAR (Solidarity in March) activities, faith communities (perseverance groups) and major events that take place once a year.

“As the local MVC coordinator, I was very happy to see the dedication, commitment, and work of the new MVC São Paulo Coordination team. It was the first activity that we organized together and each one contributed in the organization and realization of the activity”, shares our brother Craig Kinneberg.

“It was great to see a large number of people who want to live a deep Christian life and find themselves called to do that in the Christian Life Movement”, adds Craig.

For his part, Márcio Xavier, a member of the MVC São Paulo Coordination team, explained that “the idea was to hold a meeting that could create new connections between the members of the MVC, that is, that young people, adults, couples and Sodalits, They only had a moment and a space to get to know each other, but also to get to know and understand the movement of which they are a part”.

Testimonial time.

Testimonial time.

Reflecting on this event, Márcio shared that there are those who want more from this experience due to the fact of having gotten to know the people they usually see in the activities better, as well as the fact of knowing better the MVC itself and all the apostolate that is carried out. .

One of the people who gave her testimony at the meeting about her experience in the Christian Life Movement was Marina Paiva Castilho (29). May 6th, for her, “was a special day in which children, youth, and adults learned more about the MVC and experienced a small sample of what Christian life is”.

“Through the MVC I am learning more about being a Catholic, about the love of Jesus, about the love of Mary. I feel the presence of God in every detail, I love being part of this family so much that I try to invite all my friends to see it too”, Marina enthused.

It should be remembered that Brazil was the first foundation of the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae outside of Peru and the Sodalits of the community: “Mãe dos Apostolos” have spent 31 years of apostolic service in the city of São Paulo. She knows more about our apostolate in Brazil here.

In this video from the MVC Brazil Instagram account you can see a summary of the “Come and see” Meeting.